Automated PPC Rules You Must Use, 60 Sec. Instagram Ads, and More…

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Automated PPC Rules You Must Use, 60 Sec. Instagram Ads, and More…

This Week in Ad Tech: Check out this week’s news, how-tos, and trends from the world of online advertising.

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Letter from the CEO: Connecting the Marketer

Last week at AdStage, we launched a new product called Automate. With that, we started speaking publicly about where we see the marketing technology space headed over the course of the next decade… More.

by Sahil Jain |@sahilio 


Linkedin to Shut down B2B Ad Platform ‘Lead Accelerator’
LinkedIn announced it would be killing off the lead-nurturing ad product it gained with the acquisition of Bizo…

Google Has Blocked Ad Blockers in the Google Play Store
Android users will have to download ad blocking apps somewhere other than the Google Play Store…

Instagram Now Offers 60-Second Video Ads
Longer format gives marketers more creative choice…

Emojis No Longer Permitted in Google Product Listing Ads
Google has quietly updated their Store Name Guidelines to now state that listings cannot include emojis…


Amazing Automated PPC Rules You Must Use
These automated rules can help you save time and money and help you achieve account goals…

Bidding for Top Position on a Serp: What Does It Get You?
Automatic bidding algorithms have been a part of paid search tool sets for a long time…

Guide to Facebook Advertising – The Basics
Facebook is becoming increasingly important in the PPC advertising space…

Bring Your Work Home: How To Use Google AdWords To Improve Your Love Life
Jacob Baadsgaard explains how you can use your search marketing expertise to keep the romance alive…


“Fat Fingers” Could Also Be Throwing Off Advertisers’ Numbers
60 percent of survey respondents accidentally click on mobile banner ads…

4 Search Advertising Trends To Watch
John Cosley of Bing unearths clues about the future of paid search…

Infographic: Ad Tech Has Undergone a Supersonic Explosion in the Past 5 Years
It is obvious that ad spend has and will continue to grow through digital platforms…

Facebook Reports 60 Million People Shared 200 Million Super Bowl 50 Moments
According to Facebook, Super Bowl 50 ranked second for the most Super Bowl activity on the site…

Automated Rules for Facebook Ad Sets, Google Shopping Campaigns, and More Come to AdStage

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Automated Rules for Facebook Ad Sets, Google Shopping Campaigns, and More Come to AdStage

This month in AdStage: Create Automated Rules for Facebook ad sets, manage your Google Shopping Campaigns in AdStage, and more!

Automated Rules for Facebook Ad Sets

Automated Rules for Facebook Ad Sets

Easily create optimization rules for your Facebook Ad Sets using our new Automated Rules. This includes bid, budget, and delivery rules that are now available at the ad set level. Ad Group level Automated Rules are also available for Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Twitter Ads. Try it today.

Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns in AdStage

You can now create, manage, and report on your Google Shopping Campaigns in AdStage. This is particularly useful if you have a product catalog, and wish to serve more visual product ads on Google’s search engine. To get started, link your Google Merchant Account account today.

Consolidate Views for Your Ad Performance

Consolidate Views on Your Ad Performance

AdStage will soon allow you to monitor and export your ad performance for every ad you’re running across a specific ad network. We are rolling out this feature for each network starting with LinkedIn Ads. Quickly export all of your ads from every LinkedIn Ad account. Try it now.

Inflow Chooses AdStage for Automated PPC Rules and Grows Client Revenue by 23%

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Inflow Chooses AdStage for Automated PPC Rules and Grows Client Revenue by 23%


inflow logoBased in Denver, Inflow is an inbound agency that provides complete digital marketing services to global clients. One of the world’s largest event management companies chose Inflow to manage its global online advertising efforts across its audiences in Australia, Dubai, Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States. The paid team is primarily responsible for promoting nearly 1,000 regional conferences annually with Google AdWords, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads.

Inflow previously used a solution that supported Google AdWords optimization. However, the paid team at Inflow quickly realized that it was far too inefficient to continue using that platform. As more events required promotion, the amount of reporting for each office quickly became extremely time consuming. Because of the magnitude of this account, Inflow needed a solution that would not only centralize all of the client’s ad accounts, but also streamline organization, workflows, and reporting.


adstage case studyInflow selects AdStage to manage, optimize, and report on all of the global ad accounts for its client, the leading event management company. Because the client has a global presence, its six offices each had separate ad accounts on different time zones. Because the native networks did not offer a simple solution to accommodate the time zone variances, the Automated Rules in AdStage made it extremely easy for the team to set-up dayparting on AdWords, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

When measuring the performance of the campaigns in AdStage, Inflow was able to easily create, customize, and schedule reports across all five networks in AdStage. The AdStage Global Dashboard provided the agency a stunning birdseye view of cross-network campaign performance that could be easily customized and instantly saved as a PDF file for the stakeholders to review.


With AdStage, Inflow experienced a significant time savings, which allowed them to focus on growing their client’s account.

adstage for agencies

  • Setting up dayparting with Automated Rules on AdStage saved the agency 5 hours per week from having to manually login to each network, pause, and unpause each campaign. Showing ads only during peak hours led to a 28% increase in conversion rates and a 31% decrease in CPA.
  • The AdStage Global Dashboard was easy to customize and showed cross-network performance, which saved the team 4-6 hours per week of aggregating the reports from 5 different networks across 6 separate offices.
  • With the extra time saved, Inflow was freed up to analyze more campaigns for the numerous events that were being promoted. This ultimately grew client account revenue by 23% in just three months.

“Any time savings we can get is profit for us, especially with reporting. If we can spend 5 hours instead of 8 hours on the same task, this is a win for us.”

— JD Prater, Sr. Paid Search Strategist, Inflow


To learn more about AdStage and start your free trial, visit

Automate Campaign Management Tasks Across AdWords, Bing, Facebook & LinkedIn

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Automate Campaign Management Tasks Across AdWords, Bing, Facebook & LinkedIn

adstage automated rulesManaging ad campaigns can get pretty repetitive when you need to run through the same handful of steps every time you optimize a campaign. And when going through these steps is a chore, you’ll be tempted to procrastinate which can result in a real hit to your ROI.

Fortunately, we just launched a brand new app that automates these tedious campaign optimization tasks for you. You can now edit your bids, pause low-performing ads, schedule/day-part your campaigns and more automatically! We’re incredibly excited about our new Automated Rules app and can’t wait for you to try it out. In this post, you’ll be able to check out some of the app’s features and see examples of it in action.


Intuitive Rule Creation

It’s easy to create custom automated rules in AdStage. Just follow our simple “if this, then that” format to define the action and required conditions.

intuitive automated rule builder

Cross-Network Compatibility

The Automated Rules app isn’t limited to any one network. You can create rules for Google AdWords, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads or even Facebook Ads

build automated rules across google adwords, bing ads, facebook ads, or linkedin ads

Easy Rule Management

Making adjustments to your rules is easy with the management page. You can edit, pause, delete and even duplicate your rules quickly in order to automate your full portfolio of campaigns. You can even add and remove campaigns from your rules after you’ve created them.

Manage automated rules

Tweet About Rules

Example Rules

1) Pause Low-Performing Ads

It’s important to review your campaign’s ads regularly so you can pause the ads that perform poorly. This is because there’s an opportunity cost to showing bad ads: every time you show a bad ad, you miss out on the chance of showing a good ad. Bad ads hurt your chances of winning over customers and can hurt your quality scores. You want to make the most of every ad impression by using your best ad whenever possible.

This rule will automate the process of identifying and pausing low-performing ads so you can always put your best foot forward and improve the quality of your campaigns. You’ll want to adjust the details in consideration of your campaign’s performance trends.

  • IF Clicks are greater than 10 & Impressions are greater than 100 & CTR is less than 0.90%
  • THEN Pause ad
  • ON Mondays at 9pm, using data from the last 14 days

pause low performing ads

2) Edit Keyword Bids

Your keyword’s bid (or, in social campaigns, your ad’s bid) is an incredibly powerful variable that directly affects how profitable your campaigns are. Bid too low and you’ll miss out on valuable opportunities to reach interested customers. Bid too high and your customer acquisition costs will outweigh the customer’s value. To address this, you must audit your keyword performance regularly and adjust their bids to reach your goals.

This rule automates that process by editing your bids in light of your KPIs. You’ll want to adjust the details in consideration of your campaign’s performance.

  • IF Average position is less than 2 & Clicks are greater than 10 & Impressions are greater than 100 & Average CPC is greater than $2.50
  • THEN Decrease bid by $0.10
  • ON Mondays at 9pm, using data from the last 14 days

edit keyword bids

3) Schedule Campaigns

Ad scheduling (also known as day-parting) is another powerful dimension of campaign optimization. Scheduling lets you turn off your ads at the times of day (or week) that they’re less profitable. It’s a great way to limit wasted spend so you can devote your budget towards the more profitable times of day.

For example, if your ads have lower click through rates and conversion rates on nights and weekends, you might want to schedule your ads to turn off during that time. This rule brings day-parting to all networks, including Facebook and LinkedIn Ads.

This example below shows how a Schedules Campaigns rule could be configured. You’ll want to adjust the schedule to match the times you want your campaign to run.

  • SCHEDULE Campaigns to run Monday through Friday from 5AM to 6PM Pacific

schedule campaigns day-parting

Automated Rules in the Press

We’ve received some great press coverage about our new Automated Rules app this past week! Check out some of the featured articles below:

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