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    Quickly build a Google Data Studio report with your paid data in Google Sheets

    This Week in Ad News: New Instagram Competitor, Byte, Gets 1.3 Million Downloads in First Week

    Introducing Byte, Another New Social Media Network For Marketers to LearnIf you were late to TikTok and now you're afraid to install it and get spied on by the Chinese ...

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    How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

    Unfortunately there's no simple answer. Every business is different and the costs of advertising will vary widely. In fact, at one agency I worked for, we had dozens of SMB ...

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    Did you go big with video in 2019?

    We asked the experts, "Did you go big with video in 2019?" Here's a peek at what they said... "We sure did, but in a more unconventional way. One of the cornerstones of ...

    This Week in Ad News

    This Week in Ad News - January 27, 2020

    If you are one of the fifty nine thousand marketers that has been getting this newsletter for awhile, first let me say, "thank you!" 🙌 We love following the latest ...

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    How To Share Data With Clients As Your Agency Scales

    Agency account managers practically live inside reporting features, coming out only for bathroom breaks and the occasional lunch run. So when a manager carves out their most ...

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    Tips to Get The Most From Quora's Question Targeting

    If you’ve never taken Quora into consideration as a potential marketing channel, check out this article from Marketing Land. Quora’s ad platform is pretty darn new — it came ...

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    How Amazon’s Data Can Help Any Business Tap Into a New Audience

    If you haven’t already read Nanigans’ Amazon's Advertising Ascent report, it is fascinating and does a wonderful job of highlighting how quickly Amazon has been working to ...

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    30+ Most Important Tips on LinkedIn Advertising

    LinkedIn makes its ad offerings pretty clear and straightforward, but there are a few ways you can max out your opportunities and make yourself stand out from the competition. ...

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    Quora's Head of Product Partnerships Talks About Advertising

    Brendan Weitz, Head of Product Partnerships