We’re looking for a full-stack developer for AdStage!

Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Advertising

Job Description

At AdStage, we’ve just raised a large round of funding and are actively hiring. We were also one of the top 4 trending startups on AngelList in June. Killer investors have joined our round and we actually filled it up in just over 1 month or so.

We are building a platform where advertisers of any size can built, test and deploy cross-channel ad campaigns from a single interface with the click of a button.

We are based in downtown San Francisco and are looking for a software engineer to help us shape our culture, product and vision to make an impact on the world.

We are not a new advertising agency or ad executives. Ads are not ‘sexy’ and we don’t expect you to think so. We are a tech and talent company. We are a deep data & algorithms company first and foremost and that’s what you should be interested in working on with this opportunity. We build awesome technology that just so happens to work well in the ad space. The ad space is not known for using new technologies — we’re changing that.

We are very early stage and that requires a particular DNA. We are looking for a developer who wants to have accountability, product ownership, values our early stage and understands the requirements that go with being an early startup. Clean, reusable code and high standards is a must. Test driven development is without a doubt one of our core values on the development team.

We are not hiring code monkeys. We believe the best developers are attracted to positions/companies where they can expand their knowledge, flex their creative muscles, use and experiement with new technologies to solve the problems we solve daily. The problems we tackle are novel and require creative thinking to overcome.

Compensation: 6-9K/month + .25-2% equity.

Skills & Requirements

  • Startup experience
  • Has shipped production products
  • Extensive knowledge of at least one web application framework (preferably Rails)
  • Experience with databases (both SQL and NoSQL)
  • Exceptional skills in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Knowledge of standards-based web technologies, including XML, JSON, and SOAP
  • Experience with behavior/test-driven development and testing frameworks, e.g. RSpec 2 and Selenium
  • Experience with Node.js and Backbone.js is a plus
  • Deep understanding of MapReduce/Hadoop is a plus
  • Experience with machine learning, especially data mining and clustering, is a plus

How to apply

Please email support@adstage.io directly with:

  • Links to past work
  • Resume
  • Github/Stackoverflow Profiles

Founders (adstage.io/#about):

Co-founder & CEO Sahil Jain dropped out of High School at 17 to join Yahoo! Mobile, dropped out of UC Berkeley at 19 to join AOL (M&A mail and mobile), and at 20 co-founded Y Combinator & SV Angel backed Trigger.io. Co-founder & CTO, Jason Wu, coding since 13, graduated from UC Berkeley EECS (high honors), worked at Cisco for 3 years while getting his Masters in Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

About AdStage, Inc.

One of our many late-night Halo sessions.We’re building intelligent (ML love) tools to help advertisers of all sizes advertise more effectively across the growing number of networks/channels from a single interface.Information about our first mini-product can be found at adstage.io – we’re happy to share more if we move to an interview. We have a full platform product, that keeps the team excited and will be launching in a few months.We are based in downtown San Francisco right at 1 Market St. on the Embarcadero. Right across the street from the Ferry building, half a block from BART and inside of SOMA Central, which is packed with other awesome startups like Mashable, Etsy, Scalr, etc. (same crew from Dogpatch Labs)

We cater lunch twice a week and review what we got done during the week over beers on Fridays.

We are massive nerds who love the occasional xbox session, 3d printing, daily foosball — the works!

Our team often gets together and participates in hackathons for fun like TechCrunch Disrupt.

Events are a given, and we’ll speak, attend, as well as host live demos at quite a few over the upcoming months.

Interested in chatting? Read more about the team and the company you’ll be in at adstage.io/#hiring