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The LAUNCH Festival

LAUNCH festival

Last week, the AdStage team had an awesome time at the LAUNCH Festival. It was incredible to win the prize for Best Business Model given all the great companies that were at the event. We've been working on our platform for months and getting it into the hands of users feel so good. We couldn't have expected the overwhelmingly positive response everyone had to what we've been working on and we're so glad people are excited to try out the AdStage Platform.

LAUNCH was a great environment to show the world our product, learn from other technologists and entrepreneurs, and meet many other companies building awesome products.

AdStage presents on stage

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Why are events like LAUNCH important?

Events like LAUNCH represent why many of us entrepreneurs work so hard. We saw so many great ideas put together by small teams that can change the way people do things everyday. There were also many great speakers and judges that we've already seen change the world - some of my favorites were Chamath Palihapitiya and Evan Williams. We learned how they think, why they started their companies, & how they go about tackling new and exciting challenges.

Jason Calacanis and Evan Williams Fireside chat with Jason Calacanis & Evan Williams

Passion and focus were the two characteristics that came up in Twitter co-founder, Evan Williams' talk. I think entrepreneurs taking those two ideas to heart with make their success more likely - start/support something you're passionate about and focus on it completely. That may mean saying no to other opportunities, but if you're really passionate about a particular project, the best way to have it succeed, is to give it all your effort.

Where we go from here?

Robert Scoble Scoble liked our pitch: "Can I give you my credit card so I can get this right now, because this is the hottest idea I've seen so far in 2 days."

Our goal at AdStage is to help businesses advertise online using their ad dollars most effectively. Traditionally, to run successful ad online ad campaigns, you either need an expert on your team, or you need to pay an agency to take care of the advertising side of things, which can be very costly. We've launched our private beta (sign up here) and we're ready to change the world of online advertising! 

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