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Access Google AdWords On Your iPad with AdStage

SEM managers have long desired a way to access AdWords on the go, but the current mobile interface, introduced in 2010, is too limited for today's devices and the full site is severely buggy when accessed with Safari.

That's why AdStage is offering the world's first full-featured Google AdWords reporting app (designed from the ground up for the iPad) completely free. We acquired the app, originally called "Semply," to push our mission to make advertising more accessible to businesses forward.

The app has been wildly successful, but have you downloaded it yet? In a little over a month after its launch, Semply reported over $110 Million in indexed ad spend and it's currently used by over 1,500 advertisers to analyze AdWords campaigns on the go. Semply has been rebranded as "AdStage -Your Analytics Dashboard for Google AdWords" and is available in the App store.

The app is currently used by over 1,500 advertisers to analyze AdWords campaigns on the go.

google adwords on the ipad with adstage


  • Play with your data
    Looking to minimize CPCs? Increase conversion rates? Use our beautiful, interactive charts and grids to help visualize how your efforts have impacted key metrics over time.
  • Quickly check the latest stats
    View ALL important performance indicators- clicks, conversions, click-through rates, costs/conversion, etc- across your accounts, campaigns, and ad groups with the tap of your finger.
  • Optimize keywords
    With full keyword and search query data, discover which keywords are making you money, and which are bringing you irrelevant traffic.
  • Improve ad creatives
    Identify the ads that are improving your click-through-rates and see how different landing pages impact your conversions.
  • Filter by geographic location
    Is your geographic targeting too broad? Are their certain regions that are converting better than others? Find out with our geographic reports.

Available on the App Store

Download it now while the app is completely free! We've got some big plans for its next update -- stay tuned.

AdStage Team