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How To Create LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn opened up it’s sponsored updates feature to all advertisers via its self serve ads interface. Sponsored updates are how companies can promote posts on their LinkedIn company page to a wider audience. If you have an active LinkedIn company page and are looking for ways to expand the reach of your updates, sponsored updates are a great way to do it.

In this post we'll walk through exactly how it's done. Sponsored updates are a great way to expand the reach of your company's LinkedIn posts.

How to Create LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

There are two ways to sponsor an update: you can either do it from within the LinkedIn Ads interface, or by clicking the "Sponsor Update" button next to your existing update.


Here’s a walkthrough of how to sponsor an update from within the LinkedIn Ads interface:

1. Create a new campaign and select “Sponsor an update.”

sponsor an update2. Name your campaign and select the language.

name and language3. Select your company and the updates you want to sponsor.

Company and updatesThis will show you a preview of your sponsored update on different devices.

preview of sponsored update4. Next set your targeting as you would with traditional LinkedIn ads.

targeting settingsLocation is required but the rest of the targeting options are optional. Mix and match your targeting until you’re satisfied with the size and relevance. Targeting by company and job title categories are common, but you can also target by schools, groups, skills, and more.

2. Now that your targeting is set, you will need to set your bids.

set bidsThe minimum bids vary based on your targeted audience: in this example, CPC has a minimum bid of $2.50 and CPM has a minimum bid of $12.50. LinkedIn will also provide a recommended bid based on the audience you have targeted.

3. You must also set a daily budget for this campaign.

budgetThe minimum daily budget is $10.00.

4. The last step is to set a duration for the campaign.

You can either set a date in the future, or set it to run indefinitely.

5. Simply save changes your changes to launch the campaign.

That’s all it takes! Your update will now be presented to a much larger audience. You can follow the performance of your campaign in the LinkedIn Ads Campaign Manager.

To supercharge your LinkedIn Sponsored Updates campaigns and make management even easier, download our complete guide to LinkedIn Ads.

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