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AdStage Featured on This Week In Startups

Entrepreneur Jason Calacanis interviews AdStage CEO Sahil Jain in the latest episode of This Week In Startups. Calacanis, a podcasting pioneer, gives you an insider's look at what's happening in the tech industry with his trademark blunt style and good humor.


AdStage brings online ad spend into one place

"Need to get smart about online ads? Wait, that's not a question. Your business definitely does. Sahil Jain of AdStage is here to break it down. The 23 year-old ad genius won LAUNCH 2013 in the Best Business category. That's after dropping out of high school to start working at Yahoo when he was just 17. When he sat down with Jason he gave us the scoop: why Bing is an underrated place to advertise, why LinkedIn clicks are priced so high, and why multitouch attribution is the future of advertising. Plus, how retargeting works. Sahil should know -- AdStage takes ad campaigns for Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and soon Twitter, and brings them into one dashboard to maximize the money you spend on advertising."


3:50 Explain to those who don't know what AdStage is, and what it does.
4:45 Why would I, instead of going to that link at the bottom of the page on Facebook, go to AdStage?
6:01 Are the different ad networks better for different businesses?
6:15 What's different about advertising on Facebook vs Google?
7:22 You mentioned LinkedIn, Bing, and Twitter. How would you advise people to experiment there?
8:30 Show me how it works here.
10:10 Why do you think it is that Google doesn't do display ads on their site, but do on other sites?
10:38 Do you advise people to make image-based ads? Or are text-based ads better?
12:57 Dashboard demo
16:25 What do you think of all this native advertising going on? It seems like the rage, if not the majority of the spend.
17:20 Is that running the risk of being deceptive? How should the industry handle consumers being confused over what's an ad and what's not?
18:02 Does it matter if the consumer knows it's an ad?
18:30 Is it generational?
20:32 How does retargeting work, for people in the audience who don't know?
22:20 So all those like buttons from Facebook are basically Facebook's way of building psychographic profiles of everyone on the planet? How much do they know?
23:10 What does that mean, multitouch attribution?
25:14 So if you saw the ad for the new Volvo on Yahoo, then you saw it on Buzzfeed, then on Gawker, then you clicked on it when you were reading The Atlantic Wire, how do you split that between the 4 players?
27:02 Isn't Google much more effective for advertising?
31:25 What impact have YouTube's videos ads had? The creative is getting so much better.
34:20 Are video ads 10% of Google's ad business now?
34:56 What's the state of mobile advertising? Is it better than desktop?
35:47 You were 17 working for Yahoo? You dropped out of high school?
38:33 We were talking about mobile ads. How are they better?
38:48 What does that mean geofence? How does it technically work?
39:36 What about Apple's role in advertising?
41:20 Who's using LinkedIn advertising? And is that platform really competitive today?
45:10 What can you target on Twitter?

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