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Staying Up to Date with PPC News, Trends and Strategies: Part 2

In the first part of this series, I showed you why and how to use news roundups to remain in the loop of PPC industry news. Now, I’ll peel back the curtain and show you how I collect content for my curated weekly newsletter so you can create your own, according to your taste. With your very own roundup, you'll be able to stay on top of news in your industry, in your skills, and even from your competitors. All you need is a tool and some content sources:

Tools to Collect the News

First, you’ll need a tool to collect relevant articles and present them to you.

Digg Reader: For the purpose of putting together This Week in Ad Tech, I use Digg Reader to collect every article posted by my list of blogs. Every day, I'll log in and review the day's posts and keep track of articles to include in a Google Sheet. While scrolling can be jittery,  keyboard shortcuts (J) can make moving through long lists a breeze.

Digg Reader

FlipboardFlipboard: My favorite way to read content is with Flipboard on my iPad. It takes articles and repackages them like a digital magazine. Just load up your source websites and start flipping through pages of content. While Flipboard is great for reading, it’s not great for coverage. You may find yourself missing the occasional article because there isn’t a convenient way to group those that are unread.

15 Blogs To Get You Started

Once you've got a tool to collect and present your news, you'll need to populate it with some content sources. You'll want to choose outlets that cover the content you're interested in. To get you started, here are 15 of my favorite industry blogs that you can add to your reader of choice to stay up to date.

Online Advertising

• Ad Age - Ad Age is a great source for news and trends surrounding advertising and marketing with a focus on large brands and agencies.

• AdStage - The AdStage Blog features guides & how-tos for search and social advertising across Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads & more.

• eMarketer - eMarketer covers digital marketing, media and commerce, with insights on internet market research and statistics.

• Marketing Land - Marketing Land covers internet marketing news and features columns covering practical tips and strategies. Be sure to check out Marketing Day for a daily roundup of internet marketing articles from around the web.

• Search Engine Watch - Search Engine Watch is another great source for online advertising articles.

Search Advertising

• Bing Ads - The Bing Ads blog is where Bing product announcements are covered in depth. It also contains articles from SMB marketing experts for a variety of verticals.

• Inside AdWords - Inside AdWords is Google's official blog for AdWords news, tips and announcements.

• Search Engine Land - Search Engine Land is a covers news and information about search engine marketing. Be sure to check out SearchCap for a daily roundup of search engine marketing articles from around the web.

• PPC Hero - PPC Hero is a terrific source for how-tos and tips for PPC campaign management.

• RKG Blog - The RKG Blog is a great source for advanced PPC articles and analysis.

Social Advertising

• Inside Facebook - Inside Facebook covers official announcements from Facebook and Facebook Partners.

• Facebook Business - The Facebook Business page contains product updates, trends and stories about how Facebook can help grow your business.

• FBPPC - FBPPC covers Facebook Ads exclusively with news, analysis and guides.

•  - Jon Loomer's blog is a terrific source for Facebook Advertising how-tos, tips and news.


• Quora - While not a blog, Quora is a great source for PPC answers from industry experts. Follow me on Quora.

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