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Enhance AdWords Results with Segments

When a marketer logs into an AdWords account, their eyes are fixated on the converted clicks and cost/converted clicks columns. They start incessantly drilling into campaigns, ad groups, and finally ads/keywordslooking for opportunities to yield additional conversions, at lower prices.

The next time you log into your account, pause at each level, and take a sip of coffee. Before you’re tempted to drill down further, click the “segment” tab to reveal additional viewpoints.

New Views for Optimization

Segments provide additional slices into your performance data that help you identify new areas to improve results.

Campaign Table Segments to Explore

1. Time -> Hour of the Day

*Note: The metrics will display in military time

Performance by hour can give insight into two powerful optimization strategies:

A) Should you day part your advertising?

Buying habits might fluctuate by time of day. For lean budgets, it might not be worth displaying ads 24 hours a day, instead focusing on the hours that either provide high volumes of conversions, or conversions at attractive prices.

B) Do you need to inflate bids at peak hours?

For example, emergency services can be fiercely competitive at peak morning and evening hours. You may look to increase your bids to ensure prominent placement for these searches.

2. Segment by Network with Search Partners

Google’s Search Partners are a great way to gain additional traffic, often at a lower cost-per-click, and aid in driving more conversions.

At the default campaign level, the results between Google search & Search partners will be blended. By segmenting by network, you can understand if Search partners is yielding positive results or if it should be shut off.

Within the settings tab in a campaign, you have the option to include or exclude Search partners.

Ad Group Table Segments to Explore

1. Click Type

Click type will reveal if the searcher click through happened on the ad copy or extension level.

This is a great way to understand if your extensions are having a positive effect. Extensions such as sitelinks, act as additional reality space that can be used to include additional incentives or calls-to-action to draw attention.

Look to revamp or exclude extensions that are not aiding the overall ad group.

Keyword Table Segments to Explore

1. Device Type

Understand how mobile devices perform versus desktop and tablet searchers.

Based on performance, should you be increasing or decreasing your mobile bids?

You can adjust mobile device bids within the “settings” tab:


2. Top vs. Other

Learn if the best placement for your ads are within the top 1-3 placements, or on the right hand rail; based on conversion volume, or lowest cost per conversion.

If your ads perform better within the top spots, weigh the option of increasing your keyword bid. If the cost/converted click is higher in the top spots, explore possibly lowering down your bids.

Are there segment views you love more than others? Let us know!

AdStage Team