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    Google "Magazine Ads" Both Help and Harm Advertisers

    Google today announced the launch of "magazine ads" for AdWords. The new format takes your existing text ads and formats them to fit display ad units on webpages in the Google Display Network.

    How It Looks

    The new ads simply overlay your ad copy on a light background. Google says they've designed the format with print magazines in mind, "putting a big emphasis on space and typography and displaying a new look distinctive from our regular text ad."

    google magazine ads banner

    No Effort Required, More Inventory

    google magazine ads banner

    On the surface, this is a great feature for advertisers. Now you can convert your plain text ads into (relatively) attractive image ads. This is great for advertisers that don't have access to designers to create image ads because no extra work is required to run image ads.

    This also opens up your text ads to a wider range of available inventory. Your ads can now appear in display-only ad units on publisher sites.

    Higher Ad Prices

    But there is a very real drawback to magazine ads for advertisers. The main benefit that Google is touting to it's AdSense publishers that show the ads on their site is to the detriment of AdWords advertisers: publishers will make more money from their ad units because more advertisers enter the auction. This means more competition for what was display-only inventory and higher ad prices.

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