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16 Tips for Creating Effective LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn Sponsored UpdatesAre you interested in promoting your LinkedIn Company updates with a Sponsored Update campaign? LinkedIn Sponsored Updates are a great way to promote your content within the LinkedIn feed and get your brand in front of a targeted audience.

But should every update be sponsored? And how do you craft the perfect message? Here are 16 tips to create effective Sponsored Updates and get the most out of every ad impression.

Target the Right Audience

1. Don’t add too many targeting parameters or exclude a potential audience. 
It can severely limit your impressions.

2. Create two campaign, one with a large audience along with a niche campaign.
Large audiences have higher click volume, but you can test a niche audience by running them side-by-side.

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Learn more about LinkedIn audience targeting.

Write Effective Copy

3. Use a clear and concise intro and headline.
Leads to higher engagement and gets the message across to the intended audience.

4. Ask a relevant question in the update copy.
It drives engagement from your target audience.

linkedin sponsored update with question

5. Include a link people can engage with.
Sponsored updates with links get twice as much engagement. Use a URL shortener if the URL is long.

6. Include a clear call to action like “See the gallery.”
Clear calls to action encourage engagement by setting expectations and spelling out next steps.

Select The Best Image

7. Include an image or file.
Images take up more real estate in the feed, can capture attention, leads to 98% higher comment rate. It can be jpeg, gif, or png and the maximum file size is 100 MB or 20 megapixels. Image thumbnails will display at 180x110 and attached images can be 350x265 pixels max. 

8. Use eye-catching and unique images.
Dull images like logos, screenshots from documents and static pictures of people don’t do well.

linkedin sponsored update with thumbnail

9. Use a relevant thumbnail.
A relevant link thumbnail will provide context and boost engagement with the intended audience.

Attach Interesting Content

10. Direct response advertisers can sponsor updates with links to landing pages.
Links lets you drive traffic to a targeted landing page where a user can take action.

11. Brand advertisers can sponsor updates with attached files to build their brand.
Audience can engage with the content on Linkedin.

12. Sponsor your best-performing content.
You can expose your most-loved content to a broader audience.

linkedin sponsored update with thumbnail

13. Include a YouTube video.
YouTube videos play directly in the feed and lead to a 75% higher share rate.

14. Use short, high value content.
Easy to consume content (like top 5 lists) make it more shareable.

15. Incorporate current events.
Relevant news and topics can make your updates more desirable.

16. Don’t hide content behind a lead form.
Public content can lead to more shares and engagement.

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