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9 Ways to Optimize LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Campaigns

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates are a great way to promote your content within the LinkedIn feed and get your brand in front of a targeted audience. But just like every campaign type, you'll want to revisit your campaign often to maintain peak performance. Here are nine easy ways to optimize your LinkedIn Sponsored Updates campaigns.

Optimize Your Updates

1. Test new content regularly.
Fresh content can do wonders for revitalizing your campaign, even more than raising your bids.

2. Engage with and curate comments on your updates.
It can encourage further engagement and promote your brand.

linkedin sponsored update with comments

3. Check in on the weekend.
Weekends often draw high member engagement with Sponsored Updates, so be sure to keep your campaigns running on Saturdays and Sunday.

4. Run 2-4 updates simultaneously.
This lets you circumvent frequency caps by having more unique content to show.

5. Track your content’s performance analytics.
Optimize the content you use by seeing what works best.

adstage linkedin sponsored updates table


6. Make a change when CTR lower than your goals.
A low CTR could be fixed by adding new content or shifting budget toward audiences that are engaging more with your current content.

Optimize Your Bids

7. Raise bids to boost impressions.
If performance slows, raise the bids.

8. Bid on the high end of the recommended bid.
Gives you a higher CTR which can lead to discounted ad costs. You’ll only be charged a cent higher than the second-place bid in the auction.

9. Switch to CPM bidding when CTR is high.
You can often decrease your avg. CPC and get more for your money when your content attracts engagement (just compare the cost).

adstage linkedin sponsored updates bid optimization

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