Facebook Ads

Use Facebook Ads for Lead Nurture

B2B Marketers often nurture a lead for several days, even months, before the prospect is properly qualified for a sales rep to reach out. Including paid media into a content nurture plan can significantly decrease the time it takes to qualify a lead, while increasing the likelihood the prospect will purchase.

With enhancements to ad targeting & introduction of objectives, Facebook ads are can provide more than just reach & engagement – they can also drive direct response.

Here’s a look at how Facebook ads can complement each stage within the Buying cycle.

I. Awareness

Unknown Lead

You're introducing your company to a Facebook user for the first time. The ads are aimed to intrigue a user to discover more about your company and what you offer.

Goals: #1 - Introduce the brand and compelling content to ideal prospect targets (impressions).

#2 - Encourage FB users to become fans (increase reach).

Objective type: Page likes

Complementary ad type:

  • Page like ad

Marketing Accepted Lead

In this stage you're hoping to find out the names, roles, and contact information of people within your Facebook ad audience targeting reach.

Goal: capture an email, enter the contact into your CRM system.

A. Ad Destination Outside Facebook

Objective type: Website conversions

Complementary ad types:

  • Page post link ad

  • Domain ad

Refine your targeting and entice FB users to click through your ad, entering their email address on your landing page. Ensure conversion tracking is enabled after lead capture, so you can optimize for cost per conversion.

B. Ad Destination Within Facebook

Objective type: Page likes

  • Page like ad

Create a Facebook tab on your company page. Include a light form that subscribes the FB user to your content, such as a newsletter, for example.

Jon Loomer Facebook Landing Page

II. Evaluation

Marketing Qualified Lead

Prospects within this stage have filled out a form, visited a certain webpage, or opened a company email. You're hoping to nurture them with additional content, getting them interested enough to hear from a sales rep.

Goals: #1 - Target select Facebook users who visited certain pages on your website, relevant ad content.
#2 - Promote brand engagement & showcase brand influencers interaction.

A. Promoted content based on web behavior.

Objective type: website clicks or conversions

Complementary ad types:

  • Page post link ad

  • Domain ad

Create multiple Custom Website Audience targets based on certain website page visits or actions. Promote relevant, engaging content to the Facebook user, linking to a blog, whitepaper, or website content.

FB Website Custom Audience

The end goal is for the FB user to request more information or wish to speak to a sales rep about the product/service. This is typically triggered by someone filling out a "Contact Us" or "Sign Up for a Trial" form.

Optimizely Landing Page

B. Encourage participation or showcase fan engagement of a FB page post.

Objective type: Page post engagement

Complementary ad types:

  • Page post text ad

  • Page post photo ad

  • Page post video ad

A prospect who engages with or views others having a positive experience with the brand, will be more inclined to purchase.

Sales Accepted – Sales Qualified Prospect

A prospect can enter this stage if they:

  • Opened and/or responded to multiple emails

  • Visited certain website pages

  • Filled out a form to be contacted

  • Are a decision maker (hold the ideal job title/role within the company)

These actions are usually tracked in a CRM or Marketing Automation system. Once qualifications actions are met, these leads are ready for a sales rep to make initial contact, in hopes to qualify them.

Goals: #1 - Higher frequency of brand promoted content & impressions on Facebook to the prospect.
#2 -Promote engaging content that is more focused towards the product/service, noting benefits and value propositions.

Objective type: website clicks or conversions

Complementary ad types:

  • Page post link ad

  • Domain ad

Target opt-in email addresses of key prospects as custom audience targets. Adjust the campaign start & end dates to complement the sales cycle (15, 30, 60 days, etc.).

Works well if paired with similar email content nurture streams.

III. Purchase

Opportunity Won, New Customer.

When a sales rep closed the opportunity, a marketer's job is complete right? Not quite. There are additional opportunities to strengthen retention and introducing options for upsell & cross-sell of services/products.

Utilize the suite of ad types to promote on-page engagement, visits to your website, and continual consumption of your content.

Finally, reach new potential customers, who share similar likes & interests as your current customers.

Build a custom audience of your current customers by uploading their email addresses. Create a "Lookalike" audience, opening up targeting to new FB users who are similar to your current customers.

AdStage Team