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Quick Guide to AdWords Remarketing Campaigns

With Twitter & Facebook introducing self-serve remarketing capabilities in the past few weeks, it seemed right to give credit to the network that offered it first. In this post, I'll walk you through creating a remarketing campaign in Google AdWords.

About AdWords Remarketing

Remarketing (also known as retargeting), allows you to show unique ads to people who’ve visited your website before. It’s a great way to bring back people who didn’t become a customer the first time they came to your site, or previous customers who you want to engage with your site again.

Creating Your Remarketing List

The first step to creating your remarketing campaign is creating a list and defining how your audience will be added to it. For example, you may want to create a list for all people who visit your website, or just the people who visit your pricing page. Let's walk through the process of creating your remarketing list:

1. Click "Shared library" in the left navigation.

AdWords Shared Library

2. Click "View" in the "Audiences" section.

3. Click "+ Remarketing List"

google adwords remarketing audiences

4.  Give your list a descriptive name. (e.g., Visitors of the pricing page)

5. Select how you'd like to segment visitors in the "Who to add to your list" section. (e.g., "Visitors of a page" with the URL containing "/pricing")

google adwords new remarketing list

6. Decide how long each visitor should remain in the list in "membership duration." 30 days is a good place to start unless you have a lot of traffic to your site, in which case you can get away with something as short as 3 days. You want it to be short enough where people still care about what you offer, but large enough that there is over 500 visitors in your list at any given time.

7. Click "Save."

Installing Your AdWords Remarketing Tag

Before your list will begin collecting visitors, you'll first need to copy the remarketing tag from the "Audiences" page and paste it onto your site.

google adwords remarketing tag
google adwords remarketing tag install

Once your tag is on your site, people who visit your site will be added to the appropriate remarketing lists.

Targeting Your Remarketing List in a Campaign

Now that you've installed your tag and defined who you want to remarket to, you just need to set up a campaign that targets your list with ads.

1. Create a new "Display Network Only" campaign and make sure it's type is either "Remarketing" or "All features."
Note: You can also use your remarketing list to customize your search ads for people who've visited you site before.

google adwords remarketing new campaign

2. Follow the campaign creation steps and create at least one ad group.

3. From your ad group, click the "Display Network" tab.

4. Click "+ Targeting" to modify the targeting.

google adwords ad group targeting

5. Click the "Add targeting" dropdown and select "Interests and remarketing."

6. Click the "Remarketing Lists" tab and select your list.

google adwords interests and remarketing targeting

That's it! Now simply finish populating your campaign with bids and ads, and your ads will begin displaying to people once they leave your site!

AdStage Team