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What’s New with AdStage in June

Check out some of the new features we've added to AdStage in June!

Facebook Unpublished Page Posts

Split test messages to your audience and control who sees which message with Unpublished Facebook Page posts. Unpublished Page posts only appear as ads to your targeted audience and aren't shared on your page. Create one today!

Unpublished Page Posts in Facebook

Improved Imports

Import all of your campaigns and performance data into one place with AdStage. Our import process has been dramatically streamlined to improve frequency and reliability. And as always, any changes you make in AdStage are pushed to the network in real-time.

adstage network import status

Conversion Tracking

Track conversions across Google, Bing, Facebook and even LinkedIn with the redesigned AdStage conversion tracker. A single snippet of code is all you need to track conversions on your website across all networks. Get your conversion code here.

adstage conversion tracking

Coming Soon

We're also working on a number of other major features that will dramatically increase the usefulness of AdStage. Upcoming features include improved tables, new apps, and more. We can't wait to reveal the rest!

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