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AdStage Ad Platform Announces Support for New LinkedIn Ad Type ‘Direct Sponsored Content’

AdStage is the Only LinkedIn Partner in the World with Support for Both Text Ad and Sponsored Update Ad Types

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — July 24, 2014 — AdStage, the self-serve all-in-one advertising platform, today revealed that it will support LinkedIn’s latest native ad type, Direct Sponsored Content. The just-announced ad type adds new dimensions to Sponsored Updates in that it displays to targeted audiences in the LinkedIn feed without publishing to the advertiser’s public Company Page. AdStage is the only LinkedIn Certified Marketing Partner with support for both Text Ads and Sponsored Updates and was one of the first to implement Direct Sponsored Content, further reinforcing the company’s position as one of the leading campaign management platform for LinkedIn Ads.

Direct Sponsored Content is displayed to specific audiences directly in the LinkedIn feed, however it isn’t published publicly on the advertiser’s Company Page

Like Sponsored Updates, LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content is displayed to specific audiences directly in the LinkedIn feed, however it isn’t published publicly on the advertiser’s Company Page. This key differentiation unlocks the ability for advertisers to customize messages for different audiences, test alternate variations of their creatives, control what gets published to their Company Page and utilize AdStage Conversion Tracking to maximize return on investment.

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“There's no doubt this is going to be our single greatest lead source for some time to come,” said Josh Turner, Founder of LinkedSelling and Webinarli. “Over the last year, Sponsored Updates have proven to be an extremely effective way for us to reach professionals in different niches, often at a better value than with other social networks. We’re incredibly excited about Direct Sponsored Content through AdStage because it now lets us customize our message for each audience to optimize performance even further.”

Key to unlocking the potential of Direct Sponsored Content are the advanced features included in AdStage’s dedicated Sponsored Updates companion app. Built on the AdStage API, the app provides bulk management and analytics for both Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored Content. The app includes an analytics dashboard for sponsored and organic performance, offers alerts for engagement milestones and allows bulk addition and removal of updates from campaigns. With these exclusive features, marketers can implement advanced campaign targeting strategies quickly to improve ROI.

“With AdStage, we’ve unlocked an unprecedented level of segmentation and targeting across our LinkedIn campaigns” said Dan Sands, Managing Partner at agent³. “We can now tailor our messages to a very specific audience easily and that’s resulted in a significant boost in both engagement and conversions.”

Advanced support for ad campaigns across LinkedIn, Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook from within a single tool has made AdStage the go-to self-serve platform for brands and agencies to manage and optimize their ad campaigns. LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content is available now within AdStage and the Platform comes with a free 14-day trial. More than 10,000 businesses have signed up for access to AdStage and paid customers include New Relic, Zenefits and Cotap. For more information and to sign up visit

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