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    AdWords Callouts: The Must-Have Ad Extension

    Move over, sitelinks. We have a new contender in the battle for AdWords extension prominence. In this post, I'll show you what callouts are and help you make the most of them for your AdWords campaigns.

    About Callouts

    Just last week, Google announced the callouts extension as a way to highlight information about your products and services with your search ads.

    Google AdWords Callout Extensions

    Callouts are plain text, which may look boring on the surface, but it offers some compelling benefits:

    • Nearly doubles your ad copy
    • Helps draw attention to the most important benefits
    • Helps you present a more compelling offer
    • Helps potential customers make informed decisions
    • Helps position your offer above competitors
    • Improves Ad Rank

    How Hilton Used Callouts

    The use of callout extensions has meant we’ve been able to let our customers know how much more our hotels have to offer than just rooms. Spas, restaurants and meeting facilities are just a few of the attractive options our hotels have to offer, which may not be seen through a traditional revenue driving campaign. In just one month after implementing callout extensions, we’ve seen a 9% increase in conversion rate.

    - James Harrower, Senior Search Manager, Hilton Worldwide

    How To Create Callouts

    adwords extensions tab callouts

    1. From the AdWords interface, click on the "Ad extensions" tab.
    2. From the "View" dropdown, select "Callout extensions."
    3. Click the red "+Extension" button.
    4. Click the "+ New Callout" button.
    5. Enter the text of your first callout (there is a 25 character limit per callout).
    6. Save and repeat for all callouts.
    7. Select the callouts to include in the campaign. You can select many callouts, but a maximum of four can be displayed with your ad. Callouts can be added at the account, campaign or ad group level.

    Create a Google AdWords Callout Extensions

    Example Callouts to Get Inspired

    • 1 year warranty
    • 10% off site-wide
    • 24x7 customer service
    • AAA discounts available
    • BBB A+ Rated
    • Cancel anytime
    • Easy returns
    • Featured in TechCrunch
    • Free delivery
    • Free quote
    • Free shipping
    • Handmade
    • Instant download
    • Join free
    • Limited-time offer
    • Locally-sourced
    • Money-back guarantee
    • No contracts
    • No hidden fees
    • Official dealer
    • Order online
    • Pickup from store
    • Price matching
    • Trusted by professionals


    Callouts have already begun rolling out to the native AdWords interface. Learn more in AdWords Help.