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Facebook Releases Audience Network to Everyone

Facebook recently announced on their Business blog that its new Audience Network is now available to all advertisers. Below, I’ll answer common questions about this new offering and provide insights.

What is the Audience Network?

Facebook Audience Network (FAN) allows advertisers to extend their ad message outside of Facebook and display it on a network of mobile apps. The Mobile Apps publishers offer additional ad inventory.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Advertisers can greatly expand the reach & impressions of their ad messaging by opting into the network.

  • You can utilize the same ad targeting found within Facebook Ads.

  • The network is compatible with the same ad dimensions as Facebook, so you will not have to adjust your ad creative.

  • You can add call-to-action buttons, such as “Play Now”, or “Install Now”.

  • The ad’s placement is prominent within the app.

Where Do the Ads Appear?

The ads can be delivered in three possible formats within an app – Banner, Interstitial, & Native.

What Campaign Objective Types Are Eligible?

  • App Installs

  • App Engagements

  • Clicks to the Website

  • Website Conversions

My Initial Thoughts

Competition for ad placements within Facebook’s walls continues to heat up, driving average cost-per-click costs up 24% in 2013, compared to 2012. If you’re targeting mobile users, it can get expensive due to the limited inventory in the News Feed. The Audience Network offers an exciting opportunity to expand reach, while lowering costs.

For app promoters, this network is a logical next step. Your target audience is on their mobile phones and already engaging with an app, so there’s a strong likelihood they might download your app.

My initial reservations come from the unknown quality of the network. The incorporation of rich Facebook audience targeting helps ensure your message is seen by the right demographic. However, advertisers can’t control which apps will show their ads. Some low quality apps might promote unintended clicks in attempts to drive up their ad revenues. Back in 2012, a study found that 40% of clicks on mobile ads were fraudulent or accidental.

I’m hopeful that Facebook will add additional safeguards and eventually allow advertisers to exclude select placements that don’t generate desired results. Initial tests look promising, with Facebook noting that Walgreen’s generated a 5% increase in total reach and a 4-5x click-through rate.

How to Opt Into the Network

Within Facebook Ads

Newly created Facebook campaigns that are eligible will be opted in by default to the Audience Network. Advertisers can opt into the Audience Network for any live ads that meet the criteria.

Through an API Partner Platform

We’re excited to announce the addition of the Audience Network as an option supported within AdStage. Simply opt in to the network at the ad placement level for any eligible ad objective type.

Closing Thoughts

The Audience Network is an exciting new ad placement, but more testing will be needed to see how it performs in the marketplace. Facebook’s initial findings are promising and prove that mobile is poised to gain an even greater share of ad budgets. 

AdStage Team