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Twitter Ads, Multi-Account Support, and More Come to AdStage!

This is our most significant release ever! This month we've added:

  • Twitter Ads Support
  • New Twitter Creatives App
  • New Audience Manager App
  • New Multi-Account Support
  • New Network Dashboards
  • New Account Groups
  • New Director of Product
  • And more...

Now Supporting Twitter Ads

We've integrated Twitter Ads into AdStage! You can now create campaigns, Tweets, and Cards; optimize campaigns with bulk editing and conversion tracking; and compare performance alongside other channels directly in AdStage. Learn more.

AdStage twitter ads dashboard

New Twitter Creatives App

Create and manage Promoted Tweets and Cards at scale with the new Twitter Creatives App. It gives you a bird's-eye view of all creatives, along with helpful bulk editing features. You can even promote Tweets across multiple campaigns at once. Launch the app.

AdStage Twitter Creatives App

New Audience Manager App

Reach custom audiences, and retarget across Facebook and Twitter with the new Audience Manager app. Simply upload your customer list and they'll be ready to target in your next campaign. Launch the app.

AdStage Audience Manager App

New Multi-Account Management

Do you manage multiple accounts from the same network? AdStage now gives you MCC-like control so you can work on multiple accounts within AdStage. Link your accounts.

AdStage Multi-account management support

New Network and Account Dashboards

As part of multi-account management support, we've added two new levels of dashboards to help you manage accounts. For example, you can view all AdWords accounts under an MCC, or all campaigns within one AdWords account. Visit your dashboard.

AdStage Network Dashboards

New Account Groups

Coming next week: Agencies and advertisers with complex account structures will be able to organize accounts into groups. This makes management and reporting across multiple brands easy. Manage your accounts.

AdStage Account Groups

New Director of Product

Please welcome our new Director of Product who will be helping drive development of our growing platform. Paul Wicker is joining us from Kenshoo and has over 10 years of experience building digital ad products. Meet the team.

Paul Wicker Joins AdStage

AdStage Team