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How Heatmaps Can Optimize Your Conversion Rate

Landing pages can really make or break your ad campaign.

That’s because so much can go wrong once potential customers reach your website. There are dozens of potential points of failure between the point they arrive on your landing page and the desired conversion action you want them to take.

Is your offer clear? Does it match what they were promised in the ad? Are there concerns and objections adequately addressed up front? Are critical details hidden too far down the page? Are people clicking where you expect? How are they interacting with your page? Is your desired call to action obfuscated by a dozen other, less-important buttons?

These are important questions because, if your page isn’t optimized, you’re missing out on converting the very traffic you’re paying for.


heatmapWhen analyzing your landing pages, a heat map can reveal issues and optimization opportunities so you can maximize your website’s conversion rate and revenues. The heatmap is a visualization of where on your page visitors are clicking. As a specific area of your site gets more clicks, its color on the heat map will change. The brighter the area, the more frequently it’s clicked. The darker the area, the less more frequently it’s clicked.

Pictured here is the heatmap of our recently-launched pricing page that I created using Crazy Egg, an industry-leading heatmap tool. You'll noticed the majority of clicks are on the pricing plan details, rather than the call to action buttons. That reveals a problem (and opportunity to improve the conversion rate) for this landing page. As much as we like the current layout, it doesn't do a good job of converting visitors by getting them to start a free trial of AdStage. In the next revision, I need to make changes that draws visitors' eyes towards the Free Trial buttons. For example, I could move the buttons higher up the plan column.


scrollmapscrollmap legendCrazy Egg also includes a useful tool called the scrollmap. When your page contains content below the fold (visible only after scrolling), the scrollmap shows which parts are viewed most often by your visitors. The brightest areas have been viewed the most number of times and the darker areas have been viewed the least.

Pictured here is an example from our pricing page. You'll notice that visitors view the pricing plan details 100% of the time. That's a success, since that's where the most important info and calls to action are. However, far fewer view the call to action buttons below the plans. Again, the solution may be to move the buttons higher up in the plan columns. That could potentially improve this landing page's conversion rate.

Try It Out

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So what about your site? How successful has it been at converting visitors? Are you ready to see how visitors are interactive with it by creating a heatmap of your own? Fortunately AdStage has partnered with Crazy Egg to give you 90 days free tracking. Create your free heatmap today!

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