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Save Time Managing LinkedIn Ad Campaigns with AdStage Bulk Editing

Have you ever needed to make a change across multiple campaigns at once? Until today, doing this in LinkedIn required editing each campaign one at a time.

To speed up the process, we’ve released a powerful new way to edit your LinkedIn ad campaigns in bulk. Bulk editing, released today in AdStage, is a quick way to edit settings across multiple LinkedIn campaigns at once. In this post, I’ll give you an overview of the new bulk editing features and provide some examples of them in action.


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LinkedIn Bulk Editing in AdStage

Savvy LinkedIn advertisers build high-performing accounts by compiling multiple campaigns with slight variations in targeting settings. This strategy allows them to create hyper-relevant ads and discover the most efficient targeting methods.

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But managing large accounts becomes difficult when the need arises to make sweeping changes to your campaigns, because no bulk editing features exist in the LinkedIn Ads interface. Campaigns must be edited one by one. Fortunately, AdStage solves this problem by giving you a way to manage LinkedIn campaigns at scale.

How Bulk Editing Works in AdStage

Editing multiple campaigns simultaneously is easy:

  1. Select the campaigns you’d like to edit from any campaign table.
  2. Click “Bulk Edit” in the actions bar.
  3. Navigate to the setting you’d like to change in your selected campaigns.
  4. Editing the field replaces the current values with what you enter (e.g., replace targeted locations with "United States").

linkedin ads bulk edit in adstage

Advanced Features

There are also two other advanced bulk editing features:

  • Append: Adds new values alongside any existing settings (e.g., add "United States" to your targeted locations, or append "US" to the end of your campaign names).
  • Remove: Removes a value, if present, from your current settings (e.g., remove "Canada" from your targeted locations).

Examples of Bulk Editing in Action

Here are three different scenarios that highlight how Bulk Editing can save you time  managing your campaigns:

Replace Existing Settings in Bulk

After analyzing your campaign performance, you find that the majority of your clicks are coming from entry-level employees. This is an opportunity for optimization, because senior-level employees are more likely to purchase your product. However, you’ve already added seniority-targeting across a few of your campaigns and need to make sure all campaigns have this setting. To address this task, you replace the existing seniority targeting settings across all of your campaigns to reach senior-level employees only. As a result, your conversion rate increases, and your cost per conversion decreases!

linkedin ads bulk edit replace

Remove Existing Settings in Bulk

After testing, you find that targeting "Microsoft Excel" adds too many irrelevant people to your audience. To address this, you remove every instance of "Microsoft Excel" from your campaigns' targeted skills in bulk. As a result, your target shrinks and the quality increases, causing your conversion rate to increase and cost per conversion to decrease.

linkedin ads bulk edit remove

Add New Settings in Bulk

You learn that a portion of your impressions are reaching your competitors. To address this problem, you add a company exclusion with your competitor’s company name to your campaigns in bulk. As a result, your spend is focused on reaching potential customers and no longer shows to your competition.

linkedin bulk edit append


Bulk editing is available now in AdStage for LinkedIn campaigns and will be rolling out for additional ad networks in the coming weeks. Try it today with a free 14 day trial of AdStage!

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