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I love productivity tools.

It's a must when you're managing dozens of PPC campaigns, a packed content roadmap, and a handful of active partners. To stay in control of everything that I'm juggling, I use Trello heavily and won't hesitate to recommend it to you. It's a fantastic project management tool and is flexible enough to manage any project you throw at it.

If you're looking for some tips to master Trello, our friends over at PageMutant put together a handy guide that will help you get started.

Marketer's Guide to Trello

Download the Marketer’s Guide to Trello


Here’s what you will find in the 40-page guide:

  • A brief background on Kanban and how it applies to your life as a marketer
  • 14 tips that you may not have tried yet
  • 12 sample Trello boards for specific marketing situations. You can copy the sample boards and quickly customize them.

Want Even More?

Get the Trello Success Kit with:

Trello Success Kit

  • 40-page ebook - Marketer's Guide to Trello
  • Compiled links to the 12 sample Trello boards. You can copy the boards and customize them in a few clicks
  • 12 custom stickers to add a little flair to your boards
  • Updates with new Trello tips
  • Advanced notice when we release additional Trello board samples for marketers
  • Additional marketing productivity tips and resources

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