How to Engage Your Audience with Content on LinkedIn

Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in Advertising, Social
How to Engage Your Audience with Content on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has evolved into a hub for content marketing. In fact, 94% of B2B marketers publish content to LinkedIn, according to the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs. Moreover, members engage with content 7x more than they do with job postings on LinkedIn.

When it comes to delivering content, marketers are leveraging LinkedIn Sponsored Updates to build customer relationships with a targeted audience of professionals, raise brand awareness, and generate leads.

In our previous post, we explored why and when you would use Sponsored Updates as a native advertising solution to reach LinkedIn’s 347 million members with targeted content in the feed. Now we want to give you 15 actionable tips for developing amazing content, so you can lay the foundation of a successful campaign. Get started with a few tips below, or browse the Slideshare after the jump for the full tip set.

1. Think Like a Journalist

Don’t bury the lead. Concise intros and snappy headlines are more likely to result in higher engagement. You only have a few lines of content to show your audience why they should care, so being concise is crucial. Grab your reader’s attention right away by starting your update with your most important thought.

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2. Optimize for Mobile

lenovo linkedin sponsored update

Most member engagement with LinkedIn sponsored content happens on smartphones. Take advantage of this trend by keeping your update intro text brief (fewer than 200 characters), your headlines thought-provoking and bold, and your landing pages mobile-optimized. If your aim is to capture leads on your site, minimize the number of form fields that members must complete when submitting their information.

3. Be Visual

We process images about 60 thousand times faster than text! On LinkedIn, adding images to your posts correlates with greater engagement and can result in a 98% higher comment rate. Upload a piece of rich media, and make it the centerpiece of your update. Alternatively, link to a blog post or landing page, and make sure to include a thumbnail image. You can even upload your own if you don’t like the default thumbnail.

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Getting started with Sponsored Updates is easy. All you need is a LinkedIn Company Page–your main vehicle for publishing and sponsoring content on LinkedIn.

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Looking for more tips as you begin using Sponsored Updates? Visit the LinkedIn blog for free advice on publishing high-quality content. Or, you can browse the official Sponsored Updates user guide to learn about product features and how-to’s.

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