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Mastering Excel: The Essential Toolkit for PPC Marketers

Get everything you need to become a master of excel!

Excel is a must-have tool in PPC. By becoming an expert in excel, not only will you save a lot of precious time through automation and shortcuts, you'll also become better at analyzing account performance and therefore making faster and better predictions for your accounts. However, the up-front efforts of setting up appropriate spreadsheets can be time-consuming, though well worth it. In this toolkit, you'll find tips on getting things set-up, example excel spreadsheets, and tricks ranging from the basics to advanced to help save you time and make your job much easier.

Presented by AdStage and Hanapin Marketing, this toolkit includes a blog post, FOUR whitepapers, TWO example excel spreadsheets, a webinar recording, and a free extended tool offer from us at AdStage! It's all the right stuff you need to become a master at excel.

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This toolkit contains:

  • Blog Post on the Top Excel Features in PPC
    AdStage's top five features in excel, ranging from beginner skills to advanced
  • Whitepaper on Clever Campaign Build Outs
    Get tips on organizing your build outs in excel for a cleaner account structure
  • Example Excel Spreadsheet for Campaign Build Outs
    An accompanying example spreadsheet for campaign build outs
  • Whitepaper on Using Excel To Change Your Bids
    Learn how to set up a super handy bidding excel sheet
  • Example Excel Spreadsheet for Changing Bids
    An accompanying blank example spreadsheet for bid changes
  • Whitepaper on Excel Heat Mapping
    Get started on how to set up excel heat mapping
  • Whitepaper on Excel Tricks
    A large checklist of 30 tricks to try in excel
  • Webinar Recording on more Excel Tricks
    A recording on 11 more tricks for excel you need to try
  • 21 Day Extended Trial Offer from AdStage
    Create custom excel-ready reports for your campaigns across search and social ad networks

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AdStage Team