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Get All of Your LinkedIn Advertising Questions Answered

If your LinkedIn Ads are suffering, or you're just getting started on the platform, we'll be hosting a free webinar series for LinkedIn Ads to teach you how to be successful on the network.

In partnership with LinkedIn Ads expert, AJ Wilcox, we welcome you to a free webinar on Wednesday, May 6, 2015 to get all of your LinkedIn Advertising questions answered.

This webinar is the first of three in the series, and will cover The Beginner’s Guide: What You Need to Know to Be Successful with LinkedIn Ads.


LinkedIn Ads expert, AJ Wilcox, will be presenting knowledgeable insights and best practices for LinkedIn Ads, the rolls-royce of PPC advertising.

During this free webinar, he’ll be discussing:

  • Why your campaigns are failing
  • How to structure and organize your campaigns
  • What targeting combinations to use for success
  • Live Q&A

linkedin advertising webinar

aj-wilcox AJ Wilcox founded, a specialized LinkedIn Advertising consulting firm and has over 7 years of experience managing PPC accounts.
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