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    Google Shopping Campaigns are Now Available in AdStage

    With the emergence of eCommerce ad-units, AdStage expands offering to support Google Shopping Campaigns and continues to evolve the platform to include additional eCommerce solutions.

    SAN FRANCISCO, California -- August 3, 2015 -- AdStage, the all-in-one ad management platform that allows businesses to manage campaigns across search, social and mobile ad networks from a single interface, announced today that it supports full campaign creation and reporting for Google Shopping Campaigns.

    AdStage now allows users to integrate, manage, and report on their Google Shopping Campaigns directly from the platform. The platform provides full campaign creation and reporting for the ad format and combines additional functionalities with its existing technology such as Automated Rules and its Google Analytics integration. AdStage brings Google Shopping Campaigns to the next level by allowing eCommerce advertisers to automate optimizations and access deep insights into campaign performance based on actual revenue and orders received.

     It has received high praise from the Google team as well.

    “Everything looks really good. This is one of the better implementations of Shopping Campaigns I have seen, and it looks like your hard work paid off,” said a Google Partner Manager.

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    The integration with Google Merchant Center is the first of many features that will support eCommerce advertisers. The AdStage team continues to invest in more sophisticated integrations, embracing new eCommerce solutions to add to the platform such as Facebook Carousel Formats, Pinterest Ads, and Twitter Product Pages.

    “We’re expanding the AdStage platform capabilities to be more flexible for eCommerce advertisers. We’re working on even more new features that will provide cross-network value for this audience,” said Sahil Jain, CEO and co-founder of AdStage. “We’re sticking to our overall vision for the platform, to help advertisers consolidate their ad efforts by bringing in all their advertising tools under one umbrella.”

    Google Shopping Campaigns are particularly useful for advertisers that have a product catalog that they'd like to promote in Google's search engine results. Try it today in the integrations tab of your account.

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    AdStage Integrations now includes Google Analytics and Google Merchant Center. We will be expanding the platform's integrations further to include additional solutions such as retargeting, call tracking, and 3rd party data sources.

    The AdStage platform is available now with plans starting at $199 per month and a 14-day free trial. Over 4,000 mid-market agencies and direct advertisers use AdStage in over 1,000 cities worldwide. For more information and to sign up, visit