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Marketers are Bullish on Pay-per-Click, What Makes a Good Conversion Rate, 40% of Out-of-Home Ad Spend is on Digital Ads, & More...

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An In-Depth Look at Facebook’s Lead Ads (4)

An In-Depth Look at Facebook’s Lead Ads

It’s been a big quarter for new releases in Facebook Ads. First, the platform opened up Instagram as a new advertising placement. Now, they just announced that their highly anticipated Lead Ads are available for all advertisers. Below, I’ll explain why this exciting new release could have a big impact on your advertising strategy.  Read More

Micheal McEuen | @lonohead  


Marketers Are Bullish on Pay-per-Click Channels
PPC ads have performed better than expected for marketers this year.

Facebook Looking To Partners To Extend Reach Into Small Business Market
Facebook introduces a new small business "channel" in its partner program.

Bing Ads Remarketing Now Available For Search And Shopping Campaigns
Retarget to past site visitors when users search on Bing or Yahoo.

Bing Testing Expandable Knowledge Panel Shopping Ad Hybrid
Bing Ads advertisers who utilize PLAs, this is something to keep an eye on...

Flipboard Improves Its Ad Targeting Capabilities
Flipboard is opening its own proprietary data to advertisers for the first time.

Online advertisers admit they “messed up,” promise lighter ads
Ads got so slow and intrusive that they damaged the user experience...


What Is A Good Conversion Rate?
Compare a good conversion rate to the inter-workings of a football team.

Automation vs. Human Touch – Who Wins In PPC?
We'll be reviewing the pros and cons of automation vs. human touch.

Think Differently About RLSA & Boost Your Conversion Volume
How can you unlock the full potential of Remarketing Lists for Search Ads?

How PPC And CRO Work Together To Provide Great Results
When it comes to copy, PPC and CRO can work hand-in-hand

Ad Blockers & Analytics: What Webmasters Should Know And Do
Max Prin analyzes how an ad blocker works and offers a workaround

Women Hunt Harder for Holiday Deals
Everyone loves a good deal, but some people are willing to look harder

How A Lead Gen Strategy Increased PPC ROI for An Ecommerce Account
Creating synergy between your PPC and Lead Gen strategies

The Power of the Call to Action And How Its Strength Boosts Conversions
Jeremy Smith explains what every CTA must have to be successful.

Tune Into #PPCPodcast (7)


Digital to Account for 40% of Out-of-Home Ad Spending in 2015
Digital will account for more than half of out-of-home ad spending by 2018.

Young Consumers Read More Reviews & Are More likely To Write Reviews
Key findings on the effects of age on consumption of online reviews...

FollowAnalytics Follows The Trend Toward Messaging “Moments”
FollowAnalytics' Contextual Campaigns can pinpoint “mobile moments”.

Bacardi Tries To Capture Millennial Attention With #BacardiHouseParty
Bacardi aims to recapture lost market share and make rum cool again.

As Gemini Ramps Up, How Well Is It Performing For Search Advertisers?
Mark Ballard shares Yahoo Gemini data to help assess the opportunity

Martech Spending: 51% Of Marketers Say Their Companies Don’t Invest Enough
Budget concerns, difficulty of implementation are main hurdles...

94% Of Marketers Use Facebook, But Only 66% Rate It Effective
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the most popular social platforms...

Achieve Holiday Zen Through The Art Of Paid Search Planning
John Cosley of Bing discusses the holiday trends that impact PPC...

Increased CTRs Just The Beginning For Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
Highlights of real-world uses of Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads

Email Delivery Report Finds 21% Of Marketing Emails Fail To Reach Consumers
Email deliverability rates have dropped from 83% last year to 79% in 2015

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