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Upgrade Your Social Retargeting with Web Audience Segments

Retargeting using social ads has proved to be a very effective medium. Social streams and feeds provide better engagement opportunities than a standard web banner ad – which is often ignored.

However, retargeting is often an afterthought. Marketers tend to create ‘catch all’ campaigns, with a canned set of creative that runs to all web visitors who did not convert. Segmenting your web retargeting pools provide opportunity to increase conversions and shrink costs.

Let’s examine two powerful ways to slice your web retargeting audiences to increase total conversions.

1. Segment based on content visited

People visit your website for different reasons, and should be treated accordingly. Conversion rates can increase considerably when you start segmenting your web audiences into buckets by page visited, and offering up a more relevant ad copy.


  • Pricing page
  • Features page
  • Blog content type
  • Whitepaper topic

For example, I created a list of web visitors who viewed any of our blog or whitepaper content with 'LinkedIn' in the title (using the url contains function). I then created ad copy speaking specifically to LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Website Custom Audience

Learn how to trigger retargeting ads in a content nurture sequence from our previous post, "How to Leverage Marketing Automation with Paid Social Ads".

2. Segment based on last visited date

Until you test, it's hard to understand how a web visitor from yesterday might convert differently than a user from 15 days ago.

By bucketing web visitors by recency, you'll be able to obtain an overall lower cost per conversion, by allocating your budget to segments that performed better.

Some suggested segments to test:

  • Visitors from 1-3 days ago
  • Visitors from up to 15 days ago
  • Visitors from up to 30 days ago
    • Ensuring to exclude the other segments as  negative audience targets when testing.

Website Custom Audience based on visited date

Wrap Up

Utilize these two quick-implement strategies to increase the results of your social ads retargeting campaigns. Have your own retargeting tips to ad? Let us know in the comments below!

AdStage Team