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AdStage Announces its First Cross-Network PPC Automation Product

AdStage launches a Digital Marketing Academy and a new product called Automate. Advertisers and agencies can now use Automate to create automated optimization rules across search and social ad networks.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA — January 27, 2016 — Today, AdStage launches a new product on the platform called Automate. The former lightweight Automated Rules app gained so much popularity that it has been rebuilt as a complete end-to-end product for cross-network PPC automation. Available today on the AdStage platform, Automate is the world’s first ad automation product that powers alerts, bulk actions, ongoing optimizations, campaign scheduling, ad testing, and rotation-based rules across Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Ads.

Advertisers are already seeing success with Automate. One large educational organization immediately lowered costs by $18,000 in a 28 day period with one dayparting rule. Other direct advertisers, such as HIRED, have been able to decrease their costs per acquisition by over 30%; while agencies, like Inflow, have seen increased conversions by over 20% using simple if/then logic-based rules around campaign bids, budgets, and flighting across networks.


Here are just a few examples of the types of automated optimizations that can be created using Automate.

Optimization Rules

Increase performance with rules that constantly monitor and optimize your campaigns


Performance Alerts

Always be aware of drastic changes in your campaign performance


Daypart Scheduling for Search and Social Ads

Control when your ads are served to your target audience
This entirely new product has its own interface, database, and infrastructure and is connected directly to the AdStage API. The AdStage API enables the company to add new services to the platform in a modular way, making it the only open ad management platform that can truly connect third-party marketing technologies together, whether that be a bid algorithm, content management tool, or reporting solution.

We’ve refreshed the brand to depict our focus on connecting the marketer to the variety of solutions across ads, content marketing, marketing automation, and sales automation, while also bridging together the tools themselves,” said Sahil Jain, CEO and Co-founder of AdStage.

As part of the new website, AdStage also launches its first open Digital Marketing Academy.



The content is free, accessible to everyone, and focuses on educating the new era of digital marketers. The Digital Marketing Academy covers cross-functional strategy, solutions for scale, and new opportunities for ongoing optimization. It is home to several forms of content including podcasts, presentations, blog posts, webinars, white papers, videos, and more.

As marketers evolve and continue to add more tools and complexity to their technology stack, AdStage will be the hub that connects and automates a marketer’s daily interactions with these tools. Today, the Automate product supports cross-network ad optimizations and will eventually serve as the flagship in an ecosystem of products that stitch marketers' disparate workflows together, not just for online ads. For more information on Automate or the AdStage Academy, see the links below.

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