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VaultRMS Lowers Cost Per Acquisition by 24% with AdStage


VaultRMS, a growth stage company based in San Diego, CA, offers first-response firefighters and law enforcement officers a documentation and tracking system for any exposure to toxic and communicable diseases. When the product was out of beta, the company worked closely with its agency, OpenMedium, to generate more leads and drive product adoption. VaultRMS and OpenMedium planned to reach its target audience through a variety of channels such as Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Ads and needed to find a solution that would allow them to scale efficiently across these ad platforms.


VaultRMS and OpenMedium selected AdStage to streamline its campaign creation, optimization, and reporting across Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Ads. With a multi-channel advertising approach, consolidating ad creation and reporting across search and social gave them more time to optimize and align the messaging across networks.

Social ads are tricky in that it’s difficult to know how the market will respond to the ads. Being able to create and test dozens of ad variants in seconds was a huge time saver for us.” - Chris Memmott, Founder & CEO, VaultRMS

The advertisers immediately launched multiple campaigns in AdStage. In addition, the platform allowed them to create dozens of ad variations in seconds and identify the winning creative faster. For reporting, being able to group similar campaigns together with Folders gave them access to cross-channel insights at all times. The ability to Export this data offered on-demand performance reports for more in-depth offline analysis.

AdStage Case Study with VaultRMS


Since launching ads on AdStage, VaultRMS and OpenMedium have already seen a significant boost in performance quarter over quarter. Within 3 months, the company:

  • Increased traffic by 62%
  • Increased leads by 80%
  • Decreased CPA by 24%

VaultRMS and OpenMedium are continuing to scale on all five ad networks without increasing budgets. They are also planning to introduce automated optimizations with AdStage Automate for even more efficiencies in their workflow.

AdStage is allowing us to stay consistent with the budget and our messaging. We’re able to efficiently scale when clients like VaultRMS want to ramp up quickly.” - Eric Hill, Founding Partner, OpenMedium

AdStage Team