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5 Proven Tactics to Create Powerful Instagram Ads

A growing and engaged platform, Instagram is a great place to stake your claim in the digital advertising sphere. There are nearly half a billion active users who could potentially see your ad.

We are in a time where trending topics are in one day and out the next, and everyone is still trying to keep up with the Kardashians. How can your Instagram ad stay relevant?


Instagram is a world of sharing. Whether it’s breathtaking vacation shots or even last night’s dinner, users are in a mindset to be inspired and see the world’s beauty from a different lens. This is important to keep in mind when creating your ad content.

Instagram Travel Ad Example

Fit in the Feed

Digital natives are no stranger to social media ads. When scrolling through their feed, they don’t want to feel like they’re being sucked into a sales gimmick. The key to a successful Instagram ad is authenticity. Make Instagram users feel as if you’re one of their friends. Share the experience of your product with them.


Play it Cool

How do you do this? Don’t act too much like an ad. Users are more receptive to content that looks and feels organic. Using shots that seem too posed can come across as fake. Try taking a candid shot instead. Also, a little goes a long way when using your logo. Focus on your brand’s personality instead. That is a surefire way to create memorable ad.

[Tweet "Don’t act too much like an ad. Users are more receptive to content that looks and feels organic."]

Levis did a great job with this when they ran a series of ads. They feel authentic and the photos could be something you and your friends would take.


A big no-no is asking users to regram posts on your behalf. Don’t be desperate. Instagram users are to like and comment on Instagram ads than on any other network. They also are inclined to tag their friends in posts.This is where your brand’s personality comes into play. Craft your content in way that makes users want to like, comment, or share.

Extend the Conversation

Don’t be afraid to use a hashtag or two. We recommend three at the very most. By targeting yourself, you’re gaining a serious advantage. Hashtags put your ad in a place to reach users that are interested in what you have to offer.

But always remember that Instagram is a crowded place. If you pick hashtags that are too general, you may get lost in the shuffle. Be specific when you categorize yourself.

Another useful tip: check out hashtags similar to ones you’ve previously used for inspiration.

It’s All About Aesthetics

According to research by Curalate, there are more factors that influence a user’s engagement to your content than you’d normally assume. Rather than just quality, users are also drawn to images and videos with certain color schemes. Keeping your images monochromatic, unsaturated, and lighter just might be what gets users interested in your ad.

Natural lighting is also very important. The best time to capture that shot is during golden hour, the first and last hour of sunlight in the day. The special quality of light makes for especially beautiful shots.

Bringing your brand to life with authentic Instagram ad is important to attract user engagement. Crafting your content into an experience will bring interested users to you. Tagging yourself is a great way to extend the reach and relevance of your ad. Lastly, trying out visually pleasing colors in your ad may attract users to you.

To Wrap it Up

  1. Inspire
  2. Fit in the feed
  3. Play it cool
  4. Extend the conversation
  5. Focus on aesthetics

Remember, advertising on Instagram is not about perfect product shots. It's about sharing experiences.

AdStage Team