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What You Need to Know About Twitter Ad Groups

In the effort to make advertisers’ lives easier, Twitter recently announced the release of Ad Groups. The latest feature now puts the ad network at parity with Facebook Ad Sets and Google AdWords Ad Groups. Advertisers can now build an additional layer of segmentation for more flexibility in testing and more measurement visibility to track trends. If you’ve been running Twitter Ads in AdStage for the past year, you’re in good hands to adjust to the campaign structure update.

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What’s Changing

The new Twitter Ad Groups will require a few campaign structure updates. Here’s a list of what’s offered in Ad Groups and what’s staying at the Campaign level:

Twitter Ad Groups vs Campaigns via

Best Practices: Focus Your Targeting

When testing targeting options on Twitter Ads, it’s imperative you understand how to apply the and/or logic at the Ad Group level. The combinations of targeting determines whether or not you receive the purest data from your campaigns tests.

Under the umbrella of Ad Group targeting on targeting is a hierarchy of AND categories and OR categories.

Below is the breakdown of AND/OR Categories:

Twitter Ad Group AND/OR Logic Categories via

For example:

Select Gender and Geo:

  • (Male) AND (US OR GB)

Select Gender, Geo, Interest:

  • (Female) AND (CA) AND (Computers OR Technology OR Startups)

Select Gender, Geo, Interest, Tailored Audiences, Keywords:

  • (Male) AND (GB) AND (Cars ∪ Tailored Audiences for CRM ∪ autocross)

We recommend using the same AND targeting types across all your ad groups. For the most accurate data view, only pair your campaign with one OR targeting type to see how the OR variable performs against your ads. This will allow you to fine-tune your target audience and better spend going forward with client campaigns.

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