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How to Use Facebook Mobile Video Ads for Powerful KPI Lift

Video on Facebook is on the rise. The social media network recently reported users consume 100 million hours of video daily, and by 2020 75% of those hours will come from mobile.

What Does that Mean for You?

As an advertiser, you’ll want to keep up with the rapid evolution of these social networks' ability to fine tune your audience targeting. This means constantly test new creatives to connect with your audience through an experience. However, with video ads, sometimes it’s not as simple as quickly creating an A/B tested video ad that matches your brand standards. So, you’re going to need to know how to position your video to make sure it performs well on mobile devices.

Luckily Facebook has already done the heavy lifting in testing video ad creatives and provided these recommended best practices to drive better campaign performance.

Make a Grand Entrance

People are typically on the go with their mobile devices which means you’ll need to have a hook that grabs their attention within seconds of launching your video. Make use of bold brand colors, themes and imagery at the start of your video to connect audiences with your ad and make emotional associations quickly to ensure your ad is memorable. You can start your video with lifestyle or product shots, recognizable spokespeople, action scenes or vivid backgrounds to spark interest.

Communicate in Silence

As most video ads in mobile feeds are viewed without sound, it’s recommended to design your video with the sound off with visual cues or taglines. You can show captions, logos and products to help communicate your message, even without audio.

Show What’s Important

Producing a visual video that highlights what’s important, while optimizing for the smaller screen requires consideration for dimensions and scale. Try editing your frames with zoom, crop and overall visual composition to adjust your story to optimize the translation from desktop to a small screen.

Keep Innovation Creative

Like video commercial advertisements, once your ad receives a sizable number of impressions and the audience becomes saturated, so does the effectiveness. Learn what works for your brand and audience by continuing to experiment, test, and iterate.  There is never a universal rule of thumb that will drive your desired outcome on mobile video.

Some Real Examples

Facebook consulted with brand advisers to identify mobile video ad's impact on campaign performance. Brand advisers experienced a significant results. After analyzing the results, Facebook published the highlights and the real mobile video ad sets from the test.

Wells Fargo Doubles Impressions

  • Shortened the television commercial to accommodate a mobile device
  • Changed the aspect ratio to square for better visibility in the News Feed
  • Added text to deliver message without sound

wells fargo facebook mobile video ads via blog.adstage.io

Wrigley’s Increases Impressions by 7x

  • Shortened video ad from 15 to 9 seconds
  • Added visual messaging on the video title card
  • Improved the story telling between seconds 1 to 5

wrigley's facebook mobile video ads via blog.adstage.io

Schedule Delivery

Campaign Scheduling is particularly useful for syndicating your video across networks during times of the day when they are more likely to be seen, almost like primetime TV ad spots. AdStage offers Facebook Video Ads and allows you to optimize the time of day or time of week that your ads are being shown with AdStage campaign scheduling.

Check out how to automate cross-network dayparting in seconds:

Automate Dayparting for Facebook Mobile Video Ads via blog.adstage.io

To get started with dayparting your Facebook mobile video ads, request a free 30 minute demo with one of our AdStage specialists today.

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