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#PPCPodcast: Let's Chat AdWords Bidding Tips with HouseTrip's Rumyana Miteva

Google Adwords is a PPC manager’s double-edged sword. AdWords offers a robust suite of tools to help PPC managers yield impressive campaign results, but this highly competitive auction requires more than just a “shoot from the hip” strategy.

PPCPodcast- Let's Chat AdWords Bidding Tips with HouseTrip's Rumyana AdWords Bidding Strategy via

Running a successful AdWords campaign goes further than simply raising bids. Instead, PPC professionals must understand how to apply a scalable strategy to generate optimal results.  To help explain this further, we sat down this week with Rumyana Miteva and asked her about her thoughts related to ad campaigns, advertising goals, and bidding tips as it it applies to her company.  Originally from Bulgaria, Rumyana currently works out of London, as the Head of Performance Marketing at HouseTrip.

With seventeen plus years of experience, Miteva understands the importance of network expansion. More importantly, she has a wealth of experience under her belt; sharing how crucial it is to track campaign success and stay on top of what it is working and what is not.

In this podcast, she shares insights about the management process of her own company and how to optimize AdWords bidding strategies for advertisers. In addition, she offers valuable tips for generating efficient revenues from ad campaigns. Finally, we learn about her thoughts on newer topic trends and the impact on advertising.

Listen to the full #PPCPodcast and check out some highlights below.


Things to Keep in Mind with AdWords

  • Getting your tracking setup right is crucial and the first step
  • Competitiveness is high, so be efficient about how allocate your budget towards bidding.
    • For example, bidding on position #1 may deplete your budget too quickly.
Focus on the metrics that matter:
    • Return on ad spend
    • Conversion rate by destination page


  • Track and optimize down to revenue by campaigns
  • Segment out and bid towards device performance
  • Bid different by major geographic locations
  • Test Google's Flexible Bid strategies
  • Bid to target positions through Google and to outrank competitors

Other strategies to test

  • Take full use of  Google services and policies, which are available to advertisers
Keep a close eye on what is out there, think of multiple strategies and tools
Depends on specific objectives and businesses
  • For B2B or B2C companies:
Keep a good balance between spending vs. revenue → want good return on investment
Target towards Certified Public Accountants
Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA): easy to use through Adwords editor, great way to keep people engaged, and interested
    • Tailored ad targeting
Possibly treat it as something special; build a separate Adwords account for RLSA
Add target audiences
Continue on existing searching campaigns, build off of what’s there 
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