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#PPCPodcast: The Future of MarTech with Scott Brinker

Since the dawn of time there’s been a common misconception about marketing and software technology. Most people consider marketing and software tech two separate functions, much like right brain (creative) vs. left brain (analytical) thinking.  But, technology is rapidly iterating upon itself as we transition into a completely digital world.

To stay relevant and profitable, marketers must adapt to thinking like a software developer.


Marketing + Technology = Success

Where does this misconception about marketing and software come from?

We sat down with Scott Brinker, co-founder and CTO of ion interactive and author of the book “Hacking Marketing” to learn how the rapid growth in MarTech impacts the modern marketer's ability to apply a lucrative strategy. Passionate about all things marketing technology, Brinker regularly covers the latest #MarTech trends on his blog, Chief Marketing Technologist. In his new book, "Hacking Marketing", Brinker provides a deep dive into the interaction between marketing and technology.  The symbiotic relationship developing between these two industries is forcing marketers to become pseudo-technology experts.

To remain competitive and keep up with industry trends, marketers need to acquire similar technical skill sets as their counterparts in the engineering department.


The Nuts and Bolts of the “Agile Methodology”

While the relationship is still fairly new, top marketers are eager to figure out how these two industries will innovate together. Brinker introduces a framework that helps all companies, regardless of size, efficiently execute focused marketing objectives.  The “agile methodology” suggests marketers parcel big projects into multiple short-term goals and distribute deadlines over 2-4 week sprints. Team members can give and receive frequent feedback and track progress over time. The idea is to ensure short-term goals align with capitalizing on bigger marketing objectives. In this way, the marketing team can work cross-functionally to manage more projects and work faster.

Challenges of the Marketing Technology Industry

Brinker offers advice on how to combat the looming challenges facing the marketing technology industry as it stands today.  One prominent challenge he addresses is how not all marketing tech companies are the same, and shouldn’t be. We are in the midst of a rapid marketing tech boom and companies have adjusted to this seismic shift differently. For example, some of the larger brands elected to continue with the status quo and keep business as usual, while others try to adapt by expanding their outreach and networks. On the other hand, the nimble nature of start-ups make them prime candidates to better capture niche market audience segments.

Brinker recognizes the boundaries between the marketing industry and its sister departments remains unclear. Where do we draw the lines between marketing, product, customer service, sales, and even growth or analytics? Any successful marketing objective will need multiple departments involved in the execution.  At this point, defining individual roles and department responsibilities becomes crucial to your sprint planning.

Key Takeaways

The marketing tech world is in constant flux. Scott Brinker reminds marketers how to stay agile in a highly competitive MarTech landscape. Brinker challenges brands to approach marketing tech with an open-mind in order to see long-term benefits.

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