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What's New With AdStage in August

July and August have been a busy couple of months here at AdStage. The product and engineering teams have been hard at work to bring you a blistering series of new products and features to make campaign management easier and faster. Today, we’re excited to reveal the latest additions to the AdStage product suite!

Release of AdStage Report [Beta]

Born from a wave of user feedback, we released a beta version of our new reporting product that brings all your cross-channel data into a single report view. The new report builder allows you to generate, customize, and export your data with flexible options to reveal opportunities across your search and social ad networks. 

This new product line offers a great set of core features:

Cross-Channel Integration

Report across your AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn ad accounts. Add 3rd party integrations, like Google Analytics (more coming soon!).

Easy Cross-Channel Integration

 Customizable Dashboards and Metrics

Generate the perfect report with drop-in tables, graphs, text or images widgets. Fine-tune your performance views with filters, date comparisons, and custom metric options, so you can quickly learn what's working.

Advanced PPC Reporting with Customizable Widgets

Web Links and Report Scheduling

Design beautiful, branded PDF reports for clients or executives. Perfect your template, then schedule it as a recurring report through email. Or, send it as a live, interactive web link.

Scheduled and Interactive Web Reports

Account-Level Alerts & Automation

The AdStage Automate product was initially designed to provide the ability to automate the most granular aspects of manual ppc campaign tasks from campaign to ad group/ad set, and even down to the ad creative level. After extensive user feedback, it was clear there was a strong need for account-wide performance alerts and optimization rules. 

Account-Level Alerts

Monitor global KPIs such as spend, CTR, and CPAs with Account-Level Alerts. Receive an email when any of your alerts are triggered.

Account-Level Automated Alerts

Account-Level Rules

Build your own performance algorithms with account-wide automation rules. Change statuses, budgets, and/or bids based on the specific performance KPIs you choose.

Account-Level PPC Automation

[Coming Soon]

Here's what's cooking in AdStage labs.

Facebook Ads Relevancy Score Support

Import your historic Facebook Ads Relevancy Score and compare it to cost-per-result and click through rate trends using AdStage Report. Trigger automated rules and alerts based on increases or decreases of your score over time.

Ad Rotation

Rotate sets of ad creative based on performance or time decay. Queue up your creative, then assign them rotation rules in AdStage Automate.

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