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    [The PPC Show] Episode 32: David Jaeger, CEO & Founder of Global SEM Partners

    The PPC Show: Episode 32

    How to Align Client Goals with Your Revenue Metrics

    David Jaeger, CEO & Founder of Global SEM Partners

    In Episode 33 of The PPC Show, we had the privilege of bringing on David Jaeger, CEO and Founder of Global SEM Partners to dive into Ad Tech, High Growth PPC Agencies, and The Revenue Quadrant. 

    David is a paid marketing veteran with 11 years of industry experience under his belt. He kicked off his career as a 19 year old entrepreneur disrupting his school's (inefficient) book inventory process. Taking the lessons learned from his first business, David launched the SEM division for National Positions - an INC 500 internet marketing firm - managing millions of dollars a year in client ad spend.

    In January 2014, David spun the SEM division into its own brand --, where he expanded beyond the standard search/media buying product, offering services like strategic business planning using proprietary tools to effectively marketing and track performance.

    Passionate about the importance of high growth agencies and marketing teams in the paid advertising space, David shifted gears to develop and promote a scalable framework for building successful high impact PPC teams.

    In August 2014, David founded Global SEM Partners. Where he introduced the Revenue Quadrant Process to address the growing challenges of cross-channel campaign attribution.

    In this episode, we dig into:

    1. How to Hire for Your Agency or Marketing Team
    2. Snapchat's New API Announcement
    3. Using The Revenue Quadrant Approach for Better Campaign Optimization

    Figuring out where your ad dollars have the biggest impact on your business is just the first step to aligning revenue goals across C-Suite, Marketing Department, and Customer. There's a lot to digest and learn, so I'll let you listen in.

    I hope you enjoy this interview with Davide Jaeger (and go follow him on Twitter)

    P.S. If you want to learn more about the Revenue Quadrant Process, David has graciously shared the PDF. Check out the link below 

    The Revenue Quadrant for B2B & eCommerce Business