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    Introducing AdStage V2 and the Universal Data API

    San Francisco, CA -- January 19, 2017 -- AdStage -- a cross-channel advertising suite for marketers and agencies, which enables users to automate and report on search and social ad campaigns from a single place -- has launched version two of their platform and support for an open data API. These innovations provide marketers clarity into their cross-channel performance data that, to date, has not been available in the ad tech market.

    Unveiling AdStage V2

    Capitalizing on the momentum of 2016, in which AdStage released two flagship products, Report and Automate (see “Statistics and Availability” below), the company introduces significant updates in AdStage V2, including the technology necessary to achieve their next goal:

    Expanding beyond integrations with Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Bing to include advertising sources like Snapchat, Pinterest, and DoubleClick, and relevant sales and marketing data sources like Salesforce and HubSpot.

    “Imagine automatically generating cross-channel reports that show not just ad click performance data but also pull in lead data from your systems of record like HubSpot or Salesforce,” says AdStage CEO Sahil Jain. “Imagine, then, not simply pausing or editing the budget of a campaign based on the clickthrough rate or conversion rate but automating the management of your campaigns and creatives based on the actual lifetime value of customers pulled from a customer relationship management or marketing automation system. AdStage V2 lays the technological foundation to make this possible.”

    Introducing the Universal Data API

    Over the past 4.5 years, the AdStage team has been creating the infrastructure to integrate all of the major pay-per-click ad channels and data sources in a central, normalized view. Today, they announce the release of their Universal Data API -- allowing advertisers to use this infrastructure to import custom data from their business intelligence tools, CRMs, and marketing automation systems to better inform ad campaign effectiveness and optimization down to realized revenue.

    "Leveraging the AdStage API has brought additional insights and benefits to an already powerful tool, “says Paul Severts, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at DOMO and longtime AdStage user. “It’s saved us a lot of time and effort as we’ve been able to automate more of our internal reporting and get access to LinkedIn ad data via API.”

    “The applications of the Universal Data API are expansive and, while we’re ecstatic that we can empower users to ship or ingest deep cross-channel ad data into other tools, services, and systems, we’re even more excited to see how the API is used to go beyond those core applications,” says Sahil Jain. “For example, in one weekend, an engineer at AdStage built an Amazon Alexa Skill, Slackbot and Google Docs App that read out ad campaign performance and reports. With the rise of data accessibility, AI systems, and integrations, this flexible API can serve endless current and future marketer needs.”

    Statistics and Availability

    In 2016, AdStage saw over $309MM advertising spend in the platform across channels, as well as the release of its two headline products, Automate and Report. Since its release in February 2016, Automate has seen over two million rule-based optimization changes automatically generated for marketers through the system, saving users over 144 weeks in full-time man hours. And, since its release in July 2016, Report has seen over 1,300 unique users creating over 2,000 dashboards. To learn more and sign up for a free 14-day trial, visit

    About AdStage

    AdStage is a powerful cross-channel advertising platform that enables digital marketers and agencies to manage, optimize, report and automate across all their paid search and social campaigns from one easy-to-use dashboard. With direct API integrations across AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, the platform helps advertisers improve ad performance, save time, and make informed decisions on how to optimize for campaign ROAS. AdStage suite powers the marketing campaigns of companies like Moz, Apttus, New Relic, Universal McCann, and King Content.

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