What’s New in AdStage: February

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What’s New in AdStage: February

We’re kicking off February with some pretty awesome product announcements. We rolled out a simple way to automatically rotate ads based on metrics, make campaign optimizations using custom conversion data,  transform ad level data into beautiful reports, and more!

Read on to learn how you can take advantage of all the newest features in Automate and Report to get even more from your paid advertising efforts.


Combat Ad Fatigue or Set Up A Simple Targeting Test

Rotate Campaigns, Ad Set/Ad Groups, and Ads Based on Time or Performance Metrics

We’re very excited to announce the newest Automate feature, Rotations!

Now you can automatically update creative or test ad variations to ensure your creatives don’t get stale.

To get started, simply choose the set of campaigns, ad groups or ads you wish to cycle, then select the conditions you want to trigger the rotation.

Some common ways to use Rotations:

  1. Keep Creatives Fresh: Rotate your ads every week to save your target audience from seeing too many impressions of the same ad creative.
  2. Drop Poor Performers: Rotate ads out once they have 30,000 impressions and their CTR has dropped below your target.
  3. Test Targeting: Rotate between multiple LinkedIn campaigns, Facebook ad sets or Twitter cards to test the impact of using different targeting techniques.

Apply Optimization Rules or Account Alerts in One-Click

Browse and Apply Pre-Built Alerts, Bulk Actions, Rules, Schedules, Rotations and more!

We’ve added a new section to Automate called Templates.

Templates feature a gallery of pre-built email alerts and optimization rules made directly from top advertisers for advertisers which can be edited and applied quickly to your accounts.

What's New in AdStage: February Automate Templates via blog.adstage.io

Getting Started with Templates

  1. Click ‘Templates’ tab from the Automate top bar
  2. Browse the gallery and select the best template
  3. Preview and/or customize the template to your liking
  4. Apply it to your selected accounts, campaigns, ad group/sets, or ad creative

Learn more about Templates

Quickly Check Your Automation Conditions in One View

View All of Your Conditions for Alerts, Bulk Actions, Rotations, Rules and Scheduling Together

When viewing your list of Alerts, Bulk Actions, Rotations, Rules and Scheduling, you can now see the conditions for your optimization rules, and the actions that happened across your accounts.

What's New in AdStage: February Automate IF/THEN Conditions via blog.adstage.io

Optimize for Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), Cost Per Value, and Custom Conversion Rate

Apply Changes to Your Campaigns Based on Custom Conversion Metrics

We’ve added support for Facebook, LinkedIn, and AdStage Custom Conversions metrics to Automate, so you can optimize campaigns to your internal business metrics like revenue.

Create optimization rules or alerts based on your own uploaded data such as custom conversion count, value, rate, ROAS or cost per value to drive more revenue.

Some common ways to use Custom Conversions in Automate:

  1. Monitor KPIs for Acquiring New Leads: Create an ad set alert that fires when Cost Per [Demo Requested] >$50 AND [Demo Requested] > 10.
  2. Test Ad Creative: Create an ad rotation that rotates when [Webinar Sign-Up] > 20
  3. Hit the Gas on High Returning Campaigns: Create a rule that raises the campaign budget by $10 up to $100 when the [Purchased Product A] ROAS > 50% AND [Purchased Product A] Spend >$100
  4. Take Advantage of High Performers: Create an Ad rule that raises the bid by 10% when when the [Trial Sign-Up] Rate is > 10% and [Trial Sign-Up] Impressions >1000


Get to the Exact Data You Care About

Filter By the Campaigns, Ad Set / Ad Groups, and Ads You Want to See

We know how important it is to filter metrics down to the account, campaigns, ad set/ad groups, and ads when reporting on performance. That’s why we added a filter option on a separate tab, so you could drill down into those specific reporting views.

Thanks to user feedback, we realized it would be even more helpful to offer filtering during the initial report widget creation to perfect your views faster.

What's New in AdStage February Filter by Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads via blog.adstage.io

Group Your Data By Day, Week, or Month to Uncover Performance Trends

Breakdown Your Table Data by Day, Week, or Month

Break out any of your bar/line graphs into performance table which can be segmented further by the day, week or month.

For example, let’s say you have a Spend by Month Summary bar graph, you can now view the campaigns that make up that bar graph with more detailed data available in the tables grouped by day, week, month.

What's New in AdStage February Aggregate Data by Day, Week, Month via blog.adstage.io

View More Performance Data in Tables

Add More Rows to Tables

To give you more flexibility when diving into your campaigns, we’ve bumped the table row limit from 100 to 2500 rows of data supported today!

What's New in AdStage February More Rows in Table via blog.adstage.io

Get Real-Time Facebook Data in Your Reports

Real-Time Facebook Native Widgets for Line and Bar Charts

We’ve added two new Real-Time Report widgets to your dashboard!

  1. Facebook Metrics Line Chart
  2. Facebook Metrics Bar Chart

Now you can create bar and line charts for your Facebook campaign data using breakout metrics like Frequency, Reach, Device, Region and more.

What's New in AdStage February Real-Time Facebook WIdgets Report via blog.adstage.io

Real-Time Facebook Metrics Line and Bar Charts allow you to:

  • Create bar and line chart widgets using Facebook data like Demographic, Geographic, Placement, Page
  • Compare objectives like engagement, video views, CTR, and web conversions by segments like Age and Gender, Country, Device, Placement, etc.
  • View campaign reach and frequency by dimension (Gender, Age, Placement, etc.)
  • Breakdown all metric trends like clicks, conversions, etc. by dimensions

Where can you find Real-Time Facebook Metrics Line and Bar Charts?

What's New in AdStage February Real-Time Facebook WIdgets Report via blog.adstage.io

Want to know the difference between Standard and Real-Time Widgets? Check out our Standard Widgets FAQ and Real-Time Widgets FAQ.

Transform Important Ad Data into Beautiful Reports

Ad Level Charts Available in Report

We now support reporting down to ad level on all charts. Amongst other things, you can chart the progress of your 3 top performance ads in a line or bar chart,  then choose a specific ad to measure against a goal, like spend, (in a progress chart), or see how much an ad contributes to their goal (in a pie chart).

What's New in AdStage February Ad Level Reports via blog.adstage.io

New Support for LinkedIn Ad Names (DSC Names)

Name your new creative or import existing LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content

Recently we added LinkedIn Ad Name support and you can now find the ad names as an available column for LinkedIn tables.

In addition, any charts at the Ad level will show the ad name in the legend(if available). If an ad name is not set or the network does not support ad names, AdStage will use the headline or description of the ad.

What's New in AdStage February New Support for LinkedIn Ad Names via blog.adstage.io

Have any questions or feedback about the newest features? We always love hearing from you! Drop us a line in the comment section below or email us at support@adstage.io.

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