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    How to Use Paid Search Automation to Improve Campaign Performance

    We all know this holiday trope: Hard worker forgets to buy loved one a gift and scrambles at the last minute to get them something they’ll adore. Don’t let your paid search advertising leave you scrambling. Coordinate and automate cross-channel campaigns ahead of time, so you don’t have to do a thing .

    How to Use Paid Search Automation

    1. Schedule Your Ads in Advance

    Set up your ad copy for months, weeks, and then days and hours before Valentine’s Day. You probably even want day-of ads for those last-minute folks (you can always give a gift certificate or shipping confirmation for that fancy watch, right?). Then, schedule your ads for the specific times they should be running and shut them down during non-peak performance windows. For those day-of ads intended for people leaving work and grabbing something on the way home, make sure you’re adjusting for the location/time zones you’re covering.

    paid search automated ad schedule

    2. Combat Ad Fatigue

    Combat ad fatigue by cycling in fresh creative automatically. After someone has seen the same ad of a kitten wearing a necklace for two weeks, it's time to feed them something new (no matter how cute it is)!

    paid search automated ad rotations

    3. Shift Budgets Based on Performance

    Automatically shift budget to high performing campaigns. The Valentine's Day rush only comes once a year and you don't want to waste a cent!

    paid search automated ad budgets

    4. Set Automated Alerts

    48% of searches for Valentine’s Day on Bing in 2016 came from mobile devices. Make sure you’re optimized for mobile with ad extensions, attractive mobile ads, and automated alerts for phone calls or impressions so you can see who's buying on-the-go.

    paid search ad extentions

    5. Pause Underperforming Ads

    Valentine’s Day breakups happen, and so it must be with some of your ad copy. Prune and pause underperforming copy based on spend and CPC (for example), without having to lift a finger.

    Pause Underperforming Ads

    6. Focus on Strategy

    Sit back and relax (or maybe run out a buy a gift for your sweetheart with the time you saved!).

    adstage paid search automaton