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    What's New in AdStage: March

    Welcome to the March edition of What's New in AdStage! We released even more enhancements in Report, Automate, and Create & Manage to provide you cleaner management and reporting views across your paid campaigns.

    Export automation tasks for a deep dive into performance, monitor quality score with keyword tables, generate cross-network reports for specific Account Groups and Folders, add real-time Facebook metrics to your reporting views, and more!

    Let’s take a look at the new releases below.


    Reveal Top Performing Keywords to Your Reports

    Add Keyword Tables, Bar/Line Graphs, Charts, and More!

    PPC Keyword Dashboards and Reports via

    • Easily monitor quality score, CPC, & conversions with detailed keyword tables
    • Compare total conversions to cost per conversion trends
    • Quickly identify drastic CTR or cost changes to any of your keywords

    Add Real-Time Facebook Data to Your Reports

    New Real-Time Facebook Native Widgets

    We've added new Real-Time Report widgets to your dashboard!

    PPC Reporting Real-Time Facebook Widgets via

    Now you have even more flexibility in your reporting views. You can choose to visualize real-time Facebook performance metrics as a line chart, bar chart, table, single metric summary, pie chart, and progress bar.

    Use breakout metrics like Frequency, Reach, Device, Region and more to dissect ad performance even further.

    PPC Report Facebook Real-Time Ad Groups by Device via

    P.S. Want to know the difference between Standard and Real-Time Widgets? Check out our Standard Widgets FAQ and Real-Time Widgets FAQ.

    Report on Account Group & Folder Performance

    Quickly Add Folders and Account Groups Views to Your Reporting

    You've already grouped your Accounts into Account Groups and organized your campaigns into Folders for cleaner management views (awesome!).

    Now you can bring your Account Groups and Folders into Report!

    Quick Note: If you haven't organized your accounts yet, learn how you can get started with grouping campaigns into Folders and using Account Groups.

    Add Folders & Account Groups to your Reports to:

    1. Easily Group & Report on Similar Accounts and Campaigns
    • Avoid grueling excel formulas to get clear, visual performance views with campaigns organized by theme, region, or objective.
    1. Quickly Identify Performance Trends Across Account Groups or Campaign Folders
    • View your Account Group or Folder metrics in trend lines, comparison charts, tables, etc.
    1. Highlight Top Performers Within a Specific Folder or Account Group
    • Breakdown your reports by a single Folder or Account Group or add multiple to compare performance.

    Get Deeper Insights into Your Highest Performing Ads and Landing Pages

    Even More Flexible Filtering Views for Google Analytics

    Break down your data into highly segmented performance views, with Google Analytics dimension filters that help you zero-in on the metrics you care about.

    Google Analytics Reporting Filter via

    Filter for specific views to uncover key opportunities:  

    1. Analyze user behavior and website conversions for a specific age group
    2. Identify which ad groups are contributing to your highest converting landing pages by channel
    3. Segment campaigns and landing page goal conversion rates by device type


    Analyze How Your Automations Are Performing

    Export a .CSV of All Automated Changes Made to Your Accounts

    Easily export your automation Tasks and Task Logs from Alerts, Rules, Bulk Actions, Scheduling, and Rotations as a .CSV file to view the changes that occurred across your accounts.

    PPC Automation change log export csv via

    PPC Automation change log export csv via

    Fine-Tune LinkedIn Optimizations with Ad Names, Headlines, and More!

    Optimize LinkedIn Ads using Ad Name, Headline, and Description Conditions

    Now you can use your ads’ name, headline, and description to run optimizations across your LinkedIn Text Ads and Direct Sponsored Content!

    Some ways to Automate specific LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content or Text Ads:

    1. Pause High CPA Ad Creatives

    Create a rule to automatically pause high cost per conversion ads using the description text in your creatives.

    • Rule: IF Cost Per Conversion > $130 AND Description contains “15% Off Annual Plans” THEN pause ads.
    1. Uncover Top Performing Ad Variations

    Set an alert to reveal the best performing ad variations promoting your new Whitepaper.

    • Alert: If Ad Name contains “LinkedIn Whitepaper” and CTR is above 1.5%, send me an email.
    1. Pause Poor Performing Headlines

    Run a one-time Bulk Action to save yourself time pausing hundreds of LinkedIn ads in just one-click.

    • Bulk Action: PAUSE all LinkedIn ads where Ad Headline contains “LinkedIn Ads Bulk Editor”

    Automate LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content Text Ads via

    Create & Manage

    Segment AdWords Campaigns and Ad Groups By Device Type

    Device-Specific Bid Adjustments for Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet

    AdWords Adjust Device-Specific Bids Mobile Tablet via

    Set and edit individual bid adjustments at the campaign and ad group level for each device type: mobile, desktop, and tablet. Not only can you can add a positive or negative bid adjustment for each device, but you can also choose to eliminate two device for single device targeting.

    Wrapping Up

    We always love hearing from you! Let us know what you think about the March product updates in the comments below.

    P.S. Want to check out the full product release?

    Visit our new release notes portal, where we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with the latest and greatest from the AdStage labs!