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Is a Multi-Agency Marketing Strategy Right for You?

It is no secret that marketing is one of the driving forces in any business, and that success often comes down to how well your communications are conceived and executed. If you’re a business that currently runs its own in-house marketing and PR, but are looking to outsource this to an agency, you will no doubt dedicate a great deal of time to setting the budget and building a team capable of engaging with customers. It’s important to ensure that your company’s reputation remains strong and, ultimately, helps to increase sales and profits.

Of course, it is easy to see why so many firms, especially larger ones, opt for an in-house marketing department. Working for just one organization, the press officer or social media expert has more time to spend on campaigns, a better grasp of internal processes and can be on hand for those impromptu meetings.

While it makes sense to have at least one marketing professional within your organization, many benefit from a multi-agency approach. At Creditfix, our team works with a number of different consultancies to deliver press campaigns, advertising and SEO strategy.

Benefits of Multi-Agency Marketing

Multitude of Skills - Multi-agency marketing allows us to tap into the skills and experience of an agency, and the creative ideas of a wide range of talented individuals, who are all specialists in their field. Dynamic and agile, they are comfortable with targets, tight deadlines, and thrive on creating exciting and innovative campaigns.

Tried and tested methods - It is almost a certainty that at an agency your business will be one client among many. Ideas that have been tried and tested and that have proved a success can be adapted and catered to your campaign; something that, in theory, is risk-free.

Experts in a field - Rather than just having one agency or in-house departments, with a multi-agency model you can get the benefit of the single disciplines of the experts. It allows you to have agencies devoted purely to their single specialisms to help deliver an all-encompassing and successful marketing strategy.

It is not uncommon for businesses to lean on just one agency, even though there is a danger it cannot deliver everything to the standards required. Employing multiple teams might sound like a logistical nightmare – but with a little joined-up thinking, and a robust system in place, you will soon be reaping the rewards.


So how do you successfully manage relationships with different partners and ensure their goals are aligned with yours?

Incorporate the agencies into your marketing department -  You should work with them to set out your aims. Good internal communications are paramount, so set-up regular inter-agency meetings and conference calls – and it always helps if they can share knowledge and best practices. Our PR agency, for example, might have more leverage for placing content in a publication if the ad buying agency has already bought space in it.

Keep track of your success - Setting targets is all well and good, but the last thing you want is for your marketing manager to lose track of what is going on. This is where regular audits and reporting comes in. Consistent and transparent processes will ensure projects remain on track and can be scrutinized by the board, CEO or shareholders.

One ‘port-of-call’ - It’s often a good idea to have a single point of contact within your organization - someone who can co-ordinate activity with all your agencies and relay feedback between internal departments. There are numerous online tools that automate the reporting process, and ensure that everyone is kept in the loop. AdStage, for example, allows teams in different locations to run and monitor campaigns across Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Bing, simply by accessing the shared online account.

A company's needs change at different points, and the advantage of tapping into multiple specialisms means you can create flexible marketing campaigns, whether it is a short blast of TV advertising or long-term SEO strategy. You can pick the services you want at any given time, and with a little forward planning, agency teams can become your most innovative and trusted colleagues.

AdStage Team