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23 Demand Gen and PPC Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Marketer

One thing most of us don’t have enough of? Time. Something we probably all have too much of? A commute. In fact, recent Census data shows that about 143 million Americans commute to work each day. That’s about 45% of the population spending an average of 25.4 minutes commuting each way. So what does this have to do with demand gen podcasts?

Well, think about how you're spending those nine days of commute time every year. Instead of endlessly refreshing your Facebook and Twitter feeds on the train ride in, give your mind something to chew on, slowly wake up the analytical side of your brain, and start using your commute for career development with a few demand gen podcasts!

Wondering where to begin? We’ve gathered 23 of the hottest demand gen podcasts below. Find a few that are right for your interests and career goals and plug in for a better commute.

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23 demand gen podcasts that will make you a better marketer via

1. Marketing Smarts (MarketingProfs)

Like the MarketingProfs blog, this weekly podcast highlights interviews with marketers in an array of specialties. Marketed to their audience as a companion to the content on, you’ll find interviews about branding, email marketing techniques, gated content, and more on this all-bases-covered-podcast. Oh, and true to its word, it pairs best with your morning coffee and a side of the MarketingProfs blog.

Most popular episode: Revitalizing a 150-Year-Old Brand: Simon Perkins of The Orvis Company on Marketing Smarts

2. Duct Tape Marketing (John Jantsch)

Duct Tape Marketing is a weekly, 30-minute podcast hosted by author and marketing consultant John Jantsch. Each week he shares interviews with authors, experts, and thought leaders in the marketing industry. Expect to find tips and resources you can take into your daily work and watercooler chats.

Most popular episode: How to Produce Content with a Limited Budget

3. Marketing Over Coffee (John Wall and Christopher Penn)

This podcast is hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn. It’s described as the intersection between marketing and technology, and it covers both classic and new marketing techniques. The hosts pride themselves on offering the type of marketing tips “you can only get from casual conversation outside the office.” So you can expect honest discussions about a smattering of topics, from SEO to email marketing and beyond. Oh, and each 20-minute episode is recorded in a local Boston-area coffee shop!

Most popular episode: The World’s Best Negotiator

4. PNR: This Old Marketing (Joe Pulizzi, Robert Rose)

The podcast that needs no introduction? Maybe. Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose are content marketing giants. Their weekly show highlights content marketing trends as well as how businesses can use content to attract and retain customers. Each episode also features a “This Old Marketing” example from the past. Give this podcast your ear for an hour every week and it will give you valuable industry knowledge in return.

Most popular episode: More Big Companies Investing in Original Content 

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23 demand gen podcasts that will make you a better marketer via

5. Edge of the Web Radio (Erin Sparks, Douglas Karm, Tom Brodbeck)

Erin Sparks, Douglas Karr, and Tom Brodbeck host Edge of the Web, a weekly SEO podcast that covers SEO, social media, content marketing, and digital marketing. From industry trend forecasts to digital marketing interviews, this podcast is a great way to get your weekly digital marketing dish.

Most popular episode: Educating Today’s Digital Marketer with Jeff Sauer

6. Six Pixels of Separation (Mitch Joel)

Mitch Joel, president of global digital marketing agency Mirum, runs this weekly podcast. He presents digital marketing news and trends — all through the perspective of agency life. Expect digital marketing news with a healthy dose of branding best practices, all delivered through the guests Joel interviews each week. It’s another great way to view marketing through a lens that might not align with your job description.

Most popular episode: Reengineering Retail with Doug Stephens

7. Social Pros Podcast (Jay Baer, Adam Brown)

Recently named “Best Podcast” by the Content Marketing Awards, Convince & Convert’s Jay Baer and Saleforce’s Adam Brown have hit on podcast gold with their weekly episodes. You’ll learn about social media practitioners doing real work for real companies including Ford, Dell, and ESPN. The showrunners also share insights on current trends and ideas in social media. Plus, it’s great to listen to Baer and Brown discuss (and sometimes debunk) the hottest topics in the industry.

Most popular episode: How to Combine Brand Journalism and Social Media

8. Search Talk Live (Search Talk Live, Robert O’Haver, Matt Weber)

SEO and digital marketing veterans Robert O’Haver and Matt Weber share tips and techniques from their years of first-hand experience in the industry. Each hour-long episode seeks to help you run better online marketing campaigns. Their mantra is “SEO experts are made from their failures, not just their triumphs,” and those battle scars serve as educational and entertaining lessons for their listeners.

Most popular episode: SEO Expert Upasna Discusses Semantic Search

9. Experts on the Wire (Dan Shure)

From Rand Fishkin to Annie Cushing and Everette Taylor, host Dan Shure has an all-star roster of past guests on his weekly digital marketing podcast. He aims to uncover new trends, tactics, tools, people, and businesses doing the remarkable in this industry — all while giving his audience tangible takeaways from each episode.

Most popular episode: 0 to 100,000 Monthly Visitors (In One Year) with Tyler Hakes

10. Digital Marketing Radio (David Bain)

The first thing you’ll notice about the landing page for David Bain’s weekly podcast is the list of names he’s interviewed. From John Lee Dumas to Amy Schmittauer, Bain spends his time interviewing niche online marketing experts on their specialties. He also gathers their opinions on current marketing news and includes a fixed 15-minute segment in which he asks about the best advice they’ve ever received, software they couldn’t live without, and more. He covers PPC, SEO, blogging, e-book marketing, and more. If you’re interested in it, you can probably find an episode, or five, about it here.

Most popular episode: Video Advertising on Facebook — Matt Johnson

11. Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner (Social Media Examiner)

You’re probably familiar with the folks over at Social Media Examiner, but are you familiar with their podcast? Hosted by SMM’s founder Michael Stelzner, each week focuses on SMM’s own success stories along with interviews from social media experts including Alex Khan and Sue B. Zimmerman. And because it’s structured around actionable tips to improve your social media marketing efforts, adding SMM’s show to your weekly rotation of demand gen podcasts is a no brainer.  

Most popular episode: Live Video: Tips and Techniques for Creating Great Content

12. The Agents of Change (Rich Brooks)

Want to increase online visibility? How about driving more qualified traffic to your site? And most of all, wouldn’t it be nice to convert that traffic into leads? Flyte new media founder Rich Brooks promises you the strategies you need to turn those wishes into reality. In Brooks’ weekly podcast, you’ll hear from marketers around the globe and get the SEO, social media, and mobile marketing advice you need to make an impact on your business.

Most popular episode: Do You Know Why Your Customers Chose YOU? With Liston Witherill

13. Social Media Pubcast (Jon Loomer)

Can’t wait for your next demand gen meetup? Now you don’t have to! Marketing expert Jon Loomer invites industry experts to discuss Facebook marketing, blogging, and SEO tips over cold pints. So queue up this podcast after work, crack a beer, and enjoy listening to marketing nerds chat about the latest and greatest in their field.  

Most popular episode: PUBCAST: First Impressions

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23 demand gen podcasts that will make you a better marketer via

14. PPC Rockstars (David Szetela)

Online advertising guru and FMB Media founder David Szetela hosts this bi-weekly, 30-minute podcast packed with tips, tactics, and techniques on everything PPC. David tackles both search and social landscapes, dabbles in retargeting and third party data audience modeling, and features interviews boasting PPC heroes and their best practices. On a list of demand gen podcasts, we'd call this a staple. 

Most popular episode: Creating Comprehensive Reports for Clients

15. Perpetual Traffic (Digital Marketer)

This weekly podcast is hosted by Keith Krance and Ralph Burns of Dominate Web Media, and Molly Pittman of Digital Marketer. The trio aim to give their listener actionable paid traffic strategies through the lens of digital marketing and online advertising. From Facebook and YouTube, to Adwords and LinkedIn, this podcast covers the gambit of how to implement the right paid advertising strategies for your business.

Most popular episode: Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Website Conversion Campaigns

16. The PPC Show (AdStage)

Are you a PPC purist? You’ve found your home. This AdStage-produced podcast shares industry news, trends, and tips from the best in PPC. Learn about your quality score with former Googler Frederick Vallaeys, get AdWords RLSA best practices with Gil Hong, or snag excel hacks from Hanapin Marketing’s Rachael Law, all in an hour or less.

Most popular episode: When Not to Test — with Caitlin Halpert of 3Q Digital

17. The Art of Paid Traffic (Rick Mulready)

Facebook ads expert Rick Mulready shares paid traffic strategies for generating leads and sales for your business. With a focus on making the most of your budget, Mulready’s weekly podcast divulges tips on automating your leads and sales with help from experts in paid traffic on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Adwords, LinkedIn, and more. Want to know where your next lead is going to come from? This podcast aims to give you those answers.

Most popular episode: How to Scale Your Facebook Ads (Without Ruining Your Results)

Make Thursdays All About Growth

23 demand gen podcasts that will make you a better marketer via

18. SAASTR (Saastr, Jason Lemkin, Harry Stebbings)

If interviews with renowned operators and investors in the “fiercely competitive world of Saas” gets you too excited for your morning commute, don’t worry, there’s always the ride home. Learn what it takes to scale your SaaS successfully, discover hiring best practices, and find out what metrics investors are looking at when examining SaaS businesses. Hosted by The Twenty Minute VC’s Harry Stebbings and SAASTR found Jason Lemkin, this is a weekly power-hour podcast packed into 30 minutes or less.

Most popular episode: How to Build & Scale A Customer Success Team & Why You Must Hire Full Stack Engineers with Dan Burkhard, Founder & CEO of Recurly

19. The Growth Show (Hubspot)

Each week, the hosts of “The Growth Show” interview executives and entrepreneurs about “what it’s really like to grow a business, a movement, and idea, or a team.” This Hubspot-hosted podcast takes a deep dive into how exactly that growth was achieved and how you can achieve it too. It might not be an obvious pick on a list of demand gen podcasts, but it's a crucial one, no less. 

Most popular episode: The Myth of Machine Learning & Building a Data Science Team that Works

On Fridays, Expand Your Horizons

23 demand gen podcasts that will make you a better marketer via

20. Manly Pinterest Tips (Jeff Sieh)

Surprised to find this on a list of demand gen podcasts? Host Jeff Sieh aims to prove it's earned its spot. His podcast was created to help its audience succeed on Pinterest. Arguably the podcast’s second goal is to prove that there’s just no other social media platform quite like Pinterest. You’ll learn how to create viral images, get more from your Pinterest marketing dollars, and run a successful business account, all while becoming a Pinterest evangelist (hopefully).

Most popular episode: Instagram Tools and Tactics with Peg Fitzpatrick

21. Mobile Presence (Peggy Anne Salz)

Is your motto this year “mobile first?” Well then, you may want to consider tuning into Peggy Anne Salz’s weekly podcast. It promises to show you how to drive engagement, connect you with your customers, and increase revenue, all through a better mobile presence. Get insights on hot trends like VR and mobile ad fraud, as well as strategies you can use on your own campaigns.

Most popular episode: Engagement Benchmarks: How Much Should You Pay for Users Who Really Use Your App?

22. Digital Analytics Power Hour (Michael Helbling and Tim Wilson)

This podcast was born out of several after parties at an eMetrics conference. Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson, and co-host emeritus Jim Cain found themselves several pints in and raucously discussing digital analytics (as one does). They decided to turn their bar-side discussions into a podcast for the people. What resulted was a show with a closed topic and an open forum. Today, Michael and Tim share their thoughts and experiences for their audience to take to work with them the next day.

Most popular episode: The People and Personality Side of Analytics

23. Call to Action (Unbounce)

Custom landing page platform Unbounce runs this aptly named podcast. Every two weeks, they’ll share an online marketing success story and discuss how you can apply their lessons to your own marketing campaigns. Expect some tie-ins to the Unbounce blog, exclusive product offers for their platform, and industry news that spans CRO, PPC, A/B testing, and beyond.

Most popular episode: Drift’s Marketing Manifesto & Why They Killed the Lead Gen Form

Give Yourself an Edge with These Demand Gen Podcasts

So, what now? We’ve given you quite a few podcasts to keep up with. Start by subscribing to your three favorites this week. Need a little incentive to keep listening? Start a podcast club at work or open a Slack channel at work just for chatting about daily or weekly podcast insights. You could even invent a hashtag to tweet about episode takeaways with interested marketers.

You’ll get the most from each listening session if you’re sharing and receiving insights from your friends and colleagues. After a few weeks, you’ll also feel more plugged into your industry, the work you’re doing, and your career. Did we forget any of your favorite demand gen podcasts? Let us know in the comments section below!

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