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    The Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem

    Imagine being a surgeon who has somehow never opened an anatomy book. There’s absolutely no way to successfully complete a surgical procedure if you have no idea what anything looks like on the inside of a patient. Likewise, there’s very little chance of success for a mechanic who doesn’t know what an engine looks like.

    The most basic element of successfully putting anything together is to know what the finished product should look like. It’s the reason jigsaw puzzles come with pictures on the boxes, and it’s why Internet marketers should know what the ecosystem of lead generation looks like.

    For all the work Internet marketers put into attracting clicks, an incomplete campaign means much of that effort could be wasted because critical elements of the campaign are missing or not functioning properly.

    Understanding Lead Generation Success

    At Straight North, we’ve been focused on examining successful lead generation campaigns (and finding out what makes them tick) in an effort to help our professionals and clients better understand them. We’ve spent a great deal of time dissecting these campaigns and pulling apart all of the different elements that go into them.

    To say that Internet marketing campaigns are complex would be an understatement — a successful lead generation campaign has dozens of moving pieces that need to fit together perfectly in order for them to be successful. These elements fall into different categories, all flowing into the main website and then triggering the lead generation process which is, on its own, a complicated and intricate system.


    The Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem via

    Infographic created by Straight North, an internet marketing services provider.

    Building A Blueprint

    Having a blueprint is essential for building any complex system or product, so we’ve consolidated our extensive research on the subject of successful lead generation campaigns into a visual representation of what we’ve come to regard as the ecosystem of Internet marketing lead generation.

    Originally, this schematic was developed for internal training purposes, but in time we discovered the benefits of using the infographic as a tool to help clients visualize and understand their campaigns so they could, in turn, help us deliver the most optimized campaign possible.

    By following this blueprint, Internet marketers can see how all of the various elements that go into a lead generation campaign fit together and influence each other, leading to success. As is the case with complex systems such as the human body or a high-performance car engine, there are numerous components that factor into its success.

    Like those complex systems, this ecosystem can seem impenetrable at first glance. However, by delving deep into the inner workings and breaking down its component pieces, understanding it becomes a lot easier.

    Working In Sync

    As the flowchart makes apparent, a lead generation campaign’s elements each serve a specific purpose within the process as a whole, working together to generate new sales leads. If any of those elements are missing for any reason, there is real risk that the campaign will function at far less efficacy, or even stop functioning altogether.

    For Internet marketers seeking to build the most effective and efficient lead generation campaign, this blueprint could be the difference between a highly successful campaign and one that is doomed to failure. By incorporating proven sales lead generation strategies, the ecosystem we’ve visualized here represents the most full-featured and effective form of a lead generation campaign.

    This is essential to have because the sheer number of complicated and varied components that go into the typical lead generation campaign means Internet marketing professionals or their clients can easily overlook or neglect certain specific elements as they assemble their campaigns.

    For example, many campaigns neglect to include a lead validation component, leaving the information they collect about their campaigns lacking — and ultimately wasting their efforts. That’s an essential component that is easy to miss without a reminder.

    If you’re developing a lead generation campaign, or if you have one in place that you feel could be operating at a higher level, compare it to this ecosystem infographic. Having the visualization of a successful campaign may be critical in helping you understand what yours should look like and help you identify any overlooked or neglected elements.

    It’s nearly impossible to fix something complex without instructions, and this flowchart can be a good place for you to start with your lead generation campaign.