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[The PPC Show] This Week In Ad Tech Headlines for May 19th

This week on The PPC Show, Paul and JD break down the top news and trends in ad tech and digital marketing. We're breaking down AdWords Quality Score reporting, Twitter advertising audiences, AdWords offline conversions, Facebook Delivery Insights, and Google's "buy button".

Episode Show Notes

AdWords Headlines

Google advertisers can now see historical Quality Score data in AdWords

Plus, no more hovering over individual keywords to see Quality Score data.


2 Things to Highlight

  1. Data by day - segment it and watch your QS change over time.
  2. The big new development is advertisers will finally get some historical Quality Score data in AdWords. Four new columns — “Qual. Score (hist.),” “Landing page exper. (hist.),” “Ad relevance (hist.)” and “Exp. CTR (hist.)” — show the last known score in the selected date range (as far back as January 2016).

Google is opening the beta for its “buy button,” dubbed Purchases on Google.

Google hasn’t made an announcement about it yet, but advertisers can request access to the Purchases on Google beta via the Merchant Center Programs section in Google Merchant Center, which is accessible from the three-button menu drop-down.

Buy on Google

Schedule offline conversion imports in AdWords

  • Imports from files can be scheduled daily or weekly.
  • Need to use Google Sheets or link to a file over HTTPS or SFTP. You can’t upload a file on a schedule obviously.
  • Uploads can be scheduled to import daily or weekly.
  • Last June, Google launched a native conversion syncing solution for Salesforce users.

Google Adds Expandable AdWords Ads With Carousels on Mobile

"Google is running a new style of AdWords ad that includes an expandable section which will then display an added carousel on the bottom of the ad.  This format is similar to some carousels we have seen used in AdWords ads, except these ones cannot be viewed without expanding the section first."



Twitter Headlines

Biz Stone is going back to Twitter. Medium and Jelly. Welcome back Biz!

Twitter updated its privacy policy on Wednesday so that it can use the information it collects about people’s off-Twitter web browsing for up to 30 days, as opposed to the previous 10-day maximum.

What you should know about Twitter’s latest privacy policy update

The micro-blogging giant has also chosen to start tracking what apps are sitting alongside Twitter on users' phones, their locations and what websites they've visited. For the latter, that's only for sites that integrate Twitter content, like embedded tweets. Furthermore, the company will "not store web page visit data for users who are in the European Union and EFTA States.

It's easy to understand why Twitter is making these changes: it's been reporting some torrid financial results of late. In February, it reported increasing losses from $167 million in the fourth quarter of 2016, compared to a year-earlier loss of $90 million. For 10 straight quarters it's reported slowing growth. More targeted advertising should mean a boost in revenue. And, as it noted in a blog post, the changes are designed to make the whole Twitter experience tailored, so tweets likely to be of more interest to users are delivered direct.

Settings & Privacy -> Your Twitter data

  • Paul: You are currently part of 18291 audiences from 3842 advertisers
  • JD: You are currently part of 13733 audiences from 3078 advertisers

Check your Twitter Data:


Facebook Delivery Insights

Ever wonder if your ads are competing for visibility in the Facebook auction? Or how much they’re competing against each other? There’s a lot that goes into determining who sees which ads on Facebook. Put simply there’s too much content available to be able to show people everything they could potentially see on Facebook, every day. Well Facebook took some big steps toward providing more campaign transparency and predictability with Delivery Insights.

Facebook Video Bug 

The bug affected billing only for the following conditions:

  1. for the video carousel ad unit
  2. when the advertiser chose to bid on link clicks
  3. and only for people who were on smartphone web browsers

Facebook Algo Update! Reducing Links to Low-Quality Web Page Experiences

Facebook updating the News Feed algorithm to further limit the reach of clickbait. Facebook is rolling out an update so people see fewer posts and ads in News Feed that link to these low-quality web page experiences. Similar to the work we’re already doing to stop misinformation, this update will help reduce the economic incentives of financially-motivated spammers.


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