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[The PPC Show] This Week In Ad Tech Headlines for June 12-16th

This week on The PPC Show, Paul and JD break down the top news and trends in ad tech and digital marketing.

In this episode we breakdown Facebook's new value-based lookalike audiences, Bing's new In-Market and Custom Audiences Targeting features, Amazon's Audience Match Tool, Twitter's UI update, and the impact of Google's Ad Rank update from May.


Facebook - Value Based LAL Audiences

Because so many people engage with ads across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network, we’re uniquely able to determine whether a person is likely to take actions based on historical data and people with similar characteristics. Through App Event Optimization, advertisers can deliver ads to the people who are likely to take valuable actions within their apps.

Value optimization works by using the purchase values sent from the Facebook pixel to estimate how much a person may spend with your business over a seven-day period. The ad's bid is then automatically adjusted based on this estimation, allowing campaigns to deliver ads to people likely to spend more with your business at a low cost.

New In-Market and Custom Audiences Targeting features help advertisers target and reach their best customers

Bing Ads is releasing two new features via a pilot program that are designed to help advertisers reach their ideal customers. The two new features include In-Market Audiences (US-only), and Custom Audiences (global).

In-Market Audiences are curated lists of individuals found to have purchase intent for a particular category of products or services. Purchase intent is determined based on user signals across Bing, MSN, and other Microsoft services.

These curated lists can be associated with specific ad groups, upon which you can target and modify bids for these audiences similar to Remarketing in Paid Search lists.

Unlike In-Market Audiences, Custom Audiences are remarketing lists generated using your own data. After connecting your data platform manager into Bing’s new Custom Audiences feature, you can import your Custom Audiences segments into Bing Ads for search remarketing.

What Amazon's Audience Match Tool Means For Advertisers
Amazon on Monday quietly launched a self-serve platform called Advertiser Audiences, which lets advertisers upload their audience lists and CRM information, enabling tactics like audience matching and lookalike modeling.

Assessing the Impact of Google’s May Ad Rank Changes
brand cost-per-click (CPC) Y/Y change has been trending lower since early May, and it appears that advertisers have some reason to cheer Google’s update at this point.

Twitter's Given their Apps a Major Overhaul - Here's What's Been Updated
the new layout will change the way your profile images look. Once you have access to the new layout (it's being rolled out now), it’s worth taking a look at your Twitter profile to ensure it looks how you want it to in the new format, and that your visuals align with the rounded presentation.

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