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    Introducing the Latest Version of AdStage Report

    We're excited to reveal Report V2—an incredibly flexible way to visualize and analyze your paid search, paid social, web analytics, and sales funnel metrics with customizable dashboards and reports.

    Following our mission to connect marketers to their paid channel data and business metrics to gain insight into their campaign performance easily, we’ve introduced a side pane to make creating and editing your dashboards faster, and added 5 new widgets to explore Google Analytics data.

    Learn what's new:

    Exploring trends and customizing reports just got easier with a side pane menu
    We moved the widget creation and editing pane to the right-hand side—allowing you to build dashboards faster, with better visibility into your metrics while making changes.

    Perfect your reporting view by switching widget types
    Instantly switch between Bar, Line, Pie, Progress, Summary, or Table widget types. Duplicate and change widgets quickly for different reporting insights.

    Report on web performance trends with new Google Analytics widgets
    Visualize your web data in flexible ways using our newly supported Summary, Bar, Line, Pie, and Progress widget types for Google Analytics metrics.

    Apply templates to your ad accounts, account groups, or folders quickly
    Selecting a reporting template reveals quick configuration options to choose your ideal accounts, account groups, or campaign folders.

    Get to the right metrics faster with accompanied network icons
    Selecting reporting metrics across search and social ad networks can be daunting—especially with many of the metrics having similar names. We added network icons next to each metric, so you can navigate and choose the right metrics with ease.

    We'd Love Your Feedback

    What do you think of the new changes? Let us know what we should build next!