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#PPCShow Quora's Laser Focus on Advertiser ROI

This week on The PPC Show, Sarah Smith, VP of Sales and Operations at Quora, shares how Quora Ads can help you capture consumer intent, influence buyers during the evaluation stage of the purchase process, and simply complement your paid search and paid social marketing mix. Plus, you can use AdStage to analyze and report on Quora Ads data!

Fun Fact: Sarah is the 45th user on Quora and a former music teacher from Wisconsin.

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Four big highlights from this week's show. Tune in to hear:

  1. Why use Quora Ads -- the benefits of advertising on Quora.
  2. Who's advertising on Quora today (B2B SaaS, Consumer, Education, Recruiting, startups, and public companies). Facebook is great for the top of funnel marketing, but there is no intent. At the bottom of the funnel, AdWords is great to capture the last click. Quora is the only platform that can be used to influence buyers during the evaluation/consideration phase of the purchase process with relevant content and ads.
  3. The latest features and how to get started -- Quora recently launched website retargeting in addition to topic-based targeting.
  4. Quora's laser focus on advertiser ROI. The platform's conversion pixel helps businesses easily measure the return on investment of Quora Ads. Early adopters are already seeing meaningful results. Winnie has seen 4-5x better conversion rates than other platforms, and AdStage has seen roughly 2x lower CPAs compared to other platforms.

More about Sarah

Sarah Smith is VP of Sales and Operations at Quora. Sarah leads the teams that launched the paid ads beta on Quora in April 2016. She manages the strategy for the business and is responsible for acquiring and ensuring the success of the platform's advertisers, including Mulesoft, NVIDIA, Slack, Udacity, and Hubspot. Quora now has several hundred advertisers across multiple verticals, and publicly launched the Quora Ads platform in May 2017. In keeping with Quora's long-term approach to building products, Smith is focused on creating business solutions that deliver real value for marketers.

Smith was among Quora's early employees, joining in 2012 from Facebook. During her four years at Facebook, she served in various roles including Director of SMB Growth for North America, a data-driven sales team that generated over $1B ARR. Smith also started Facebook's mid-market account management team and helped open the Dublin, Austin, and Hyderabad offices.

A graduate of Stanford Graduate School of Business, Smith is also a partner with Graph Ventures and has led investments in a variety of startups.

Show Notes

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