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[The PPC Show] This Week In Ad Tech Headlines for Sept 11-15th

This week on The PPC Show, Paul and JD break down the top 7 headlines and trends in ad tech and digital marketing for the week of September 11-15th.


Show Notes

Facebook Announces Major Updates to Ads Manager
The updated Ads Manager interface is designed to feel familiar without sacrificing any capabilities advertisers enjoyed from the old Power Editor or Ads Manager.

“By focusing our efforts on improving a single platform, we hope to bring greater efficiency to our advertisers.”

Twitter is Reportedly Working on a 'Tweetstorm' Feature
This, reportedly, is an in-development Twitter function which would enable you to type streams of content, beyond 140 characters, which the tool would then separate into numbered tweetstorms, without you having to do so yourself.

  • Need features for news users, not power users.
  • Cons: Flat 328M MAU while FB increases (+2 b), LinkedIn (500 million)
  • Pros: 74% of users use Twitter as a news source

Pinterest crosses 200 million monthly active users
In April, the company said it hit 175 million monthly active users, so it seems it’s been able to grow pretty methodically in the past year or so. That’s going to be a good sign for the company, which set some very ambitious targets in early 2015 but has since had to recalibrate it. Pinterest recently raised a $150 million financing round at a $12.3 billion valuation.

With that financing round, Pinterest was making a full-court press into visual search, which it is trying to pitch as its core competency. More than 75% of sign-ups are coming from outside the U.S. now as it makes a big push internationally. More than half of its users come from outside the U.S., and impressions for the app grew 50% year-over-year.

New AdWords UAC Feature: The Creative Asset Report
We’re also excited to tell you about a new feature in UAC called the Creative Asset Report. This feature will let you understand what creative assets are working with your audience.
Add assets like text and videos and Google tells you what is working.
Would be cool if they did this for text ads. You write a headline and copy and give sitelinks and they mix and match. They kinda do this with dynamic ads?

Display Advertising Stats 2017: SEMrush Study
Whether you are tentatively planning your first display advertising campaign or can already create one in your sleep, you will still need data to come up with an effective action plan. Leaderboard - spend your time optimizing that ad size.

[Chart] How Marketers Are Deciding Where to Put Their Media Dollars
More than three-quarters of survey respondents said that they look at the channels that best reach their target audience when determining media budget allocations, per the report.

  • 36% channels that our management trusts
  • Cross-channel (digital & traditional): 21%;
  • TV: 20%;
  • Cross-device (online & mobile): 19%;
  • Online advertising (desktop/mobile): 16%;
  • Mobile advertising & apps: (13%); and
  • Other traditional media: (11%)

New Ads Reporting Feature in Quora Ads Manager
Many of our advertising partners have been asking for a way to receive ongoing performance reports for their ad campaigns.
To start addressing those needs, we've launched a new feature that will enable you to receive a one-time or ongoing scheduled .csv file of daily campaign data at the individual ad level.

This will enable you to leverage the most granular data we can provide in any analysis tool of your choice to better understand how your campaigns are performing. You can effectively slice and dice the data how you'd like, to understand your campaigns better.

Check out the feature on the new "Email Reports" tab of your ads manager.
The feature does not currently provide the ability to aggregate campaign data higher than the ad level, but you can filter down to only receiving the daily ad level data for a given campaign, ad set, or ad.

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