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[The PPC Show] This Week In Ad Tech Headlines for Sept 25-29th

This week on The PPC Show, Paul and JD break down the top eight headlines and trends in ad tech and digital marketing for the week of September 25-29th.


We also experimented with Facebook Live video which you can watch here.


Show Notes

Twitter Doubles Character Limit to 280
We understand since many of you have been Tweeting for years, there may be an emotional attachment to 140 characters – we felt it, too. But we tried this, saw the power of what it will do, and fell in love with this new, still brief, constraint.

Facebook Adds a New Messages Ad Objective to Drive Messenger Business
Facebook's introducing a new messages objective for ads which will help businesses raise awareness of their Messenger presence (and bots) and directly connect more users to the option.

Custom Affinity Audiences & Video Ad Sequencing Coming to Youtube Ads
Custom audiences are most valuable when paired with creative that is relevant to them. But personalization at scale can be difficult—new video creative is pricey and takes time to make. Using Custom Affinity Audiences to reach people based on the kind of searches they do, or the kind of places and apps they like. That means an outdoor outfitter could use Custom Affinity audiences to potentially reach people who have searched for skis, spent time at ski resorts, or have downloaded a ski resort’s trail guide app.

Bing Ads & LinkedIn Graphs Integration Underway
What that means practically for advertisers remains to be seen, but as both graphs currently power the ad targeting capabilities of each platform, the natural assumption is that advertisers will be able to harness data from both graphs and use it in campaigns across Bing Ads and LinkedIn.

2 Million Monthly Advertisers on Instagram (Doubling in 6 Months)
Our business community has grown to two million advertisers, up from one million advertisers back in March. People come to Instagram every day to share their passions and connect with what matters, and they are spending more time than ever on the platform producing and exploring content, especially mobile video.

Target and Pinterest Are Teaming Up On An Exclusive Partnership
Instead of typing “modern crib” into a text search bar (and sifting through thousands of results), you simply snap a picture of your inspiration and in seconds, you’ll see a curated set of products that resemble or complement your pic.

Snapchat launches sponsored 3D World Lenses, starting with Blade Runner
Snapchat is taking its World Lenses augmented reality feature and opening them up to brands. Snap’s Imran Khan just announced the availability of the new advertising product on stage at Advertising Week New York, along with launch partners Warner Bros and Bud Light, both of which will be debuting branded 3D World Lenses as part of marketing campaigns.

Domino’s is starting to see pizza orders come through Amazon Alexa
Domino’s is letting people order pizza through voice-controlled devices, and the early results are promising.

One in five customers who can order a pizza with one click through the pizza chain’s Easy Orders option has asked Amazon Alexa instead, two months after making the feature available there, said Nick Dutch, head of digital for Domino’s UK.

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